Hong Kong + Reader

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       It was a lazy Friday evening, and since you didn't have any other plans, you were just sitting on your couch watching anime on your laptop. The first episode had barely started when there was a series of chimes from your doorbell. With a sigh, you hit the pause button and got up, wandering to the door. There was another chime, and you flung open the door somewhat irately.



You blushed, realizing it was your friend and crush, Hong Kong. "H-hey, Hong Kong. D-do you want to come in?"

"No thank you. I wanted to invite you out to dinner."

"Er . . . why?" You stared at him blankly, not registering precisely what he meant.

A faint pink blush settled onto his cheeks. "I like you."

Suddenly, the fact that he was asking you on a date smacked you in the face, and your jaw dropped. You stood there goggling at him like an idiot for so long that he shifted uncomfortably.

"I'm sorry," he mumbled, turning to go. "You must have plans. This was a bad idea, what was I thinking . . ."

He hadn't gone five paces before you tackled him with a hug, dragging him back around.

"No!" you shrieked. "Don't go! I would love to go to dinner with you!"

He blinked at you in surprise. ". . . really?"

"Yes! I like you too!"

His eyes widened in shock, but you pressed your lips to his before he could say anything.

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