Molossia + Reader

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    "Molossia!" you called, knocking on the front door of your friend/crush's house for the ten millionth time. "Are you even here?!"

Receiving no answer yet again, you sighed. Deciding to try the back door, you hopped over the low porch railing and started off around the house. As you neared the back, you could hear a familiar voice coming from around the corner. Frowning, you came to an abrupt stop and tilted your head in the direction of the sound. Sure enough, it was Molossia's voice.

"What do you think?" he was asking.

You heard a yip and guessed he was talking to his dogs again. Inching closer, you could distinguish his next words.

"I should tell her, huh?" He sounded like he was grimacing. "What if she doesn't like me back?"

Yip, yip!

There was a pause, then you heard Molossia half sigh, half groan. "Well, I guess I can't expect great advice from a dog. Damn it! I wish (Y/N) just knew!"

Deciding you'd heard enough, you stepped around the corner. "Wish I knew what?" you asked innocently.

Molossia jumped about a mile high, swearing loudly, then whipped around to face you with a brilliant blush. "(Y-Y/N)! Don't creep around people's corners like that!"

"Don't change the subject," you said sweetly. "What do you wish I knew?"

His face reddened further. "What - nothing!"

"Oh. In that case . . ." You launched yourself at him suddenly, wrapping your arms around his chest. The force of your hug knocked you both to the ground, and you grinned down at him. "I have something I wish you knew." You hugged him tighter. "I like you too."

He stared up at you in shocked silence for a moment, then grabbed your chin and kissed you. After another moment, you kissed him back.

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