Canada + Reader

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  "Canada!" you called, knocking on his front door.
He opened the door and smiled at you.
"H-hey (Y/N)," he stuttered. "C-come in."
"You told me to meet you here?" you smiled, stepping in and taking off your coat. "What's up?"
"W-well, I have something to tell you," he mumbled.
"I'm your best friend, I know everything about you," you grinned, making him blush.
"Not everything," he said softly, and you followed him to his couch.
"Okay," you said, looking at him. "What do you want to tell me?"
"First I have a question," he said, looking nervous. "L-let's say I like someone. How do I tell her?"
You felt slightly hurt; after all you liked him and really didn't want him to like anyone else, but you supposed you had to answer him anyway.
"I suppose you should tell her outright," you said. "You know, be completely honest with her."
Canada nodded. "O-okay, that makes sense . . ." He took a deep breath and continued almost so quietly that you couldn't hear him. "(Y/N), I like you."
You blinked and started blushing.
"Canada . . . I like you too," you managed to whisper.
He blushed too, but smiled widely at you. Before either of you quite realized it, he had pressed his lips against yours, and you readily kissed him back.  

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