Poland + Reader

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       "I'll tell him," you whispered, raising your hand to knock on the door before you. "This time I'm going to tell him."

You were on Poland(a.k.a. your MAJOR crush)'s front steps, trying to convince yourself to knock and confess your feelings. You braced yourself and knocked twice. Instantly, a mild rush of panic flooded your brain, but you stayed stubbornly where you were. It was too late to turn back now.

The door was flung open, and Poland beamed at you. "Like, (Y/N)! Come in!"

You shook your head. "U-um, n-no thanks." You cursed the involuntary stutter and tried to speak normally. "I-I just came here to tell you something."

He smiled wider. "Okay. Like, what?"

"W-well, I really, really like you," you whispered. "And I . . . u-um . . ." You were now blushing violently, and Poland was standing stock-still, staring at you. "I . . . this was a bad idea. U-um, I'll go now . . ."

You turned to go, but Poland caught hold of your hand and dragged you back.

"Hey, (Y/N), guess what?" he grinned. "I like you too."

Your eyes widened, and you tackled him down with a kiss.

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