Finland + Reader

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  It's done nothing but rain, rain, rain all day long, so you had a brilliant idea - stay inside and bake cookies! You'd just put the sheet in the oven and flopped onto the couch to nap read a book when your doorbell rang. With a groan, you rolled off the couch and opened the door.
"Finland?" you asked, confused and slightly flustered. You liked him, but you were pretty sure he didn't know that. "It's pouring buckets! Why are you outside?"
Finland smiled at you, his hair sopping wet and plastered to the sides of his head in the rain. "Sorry, (Y/N)."
You blushed.
So freaking cute, you thought to yourself. "Whatever, just get in here."
You let him in and closed the door.
"Why are you trying to drown yourself, exactly?" you asked.
"I have something very important to tell you," he announced.
"So I'm the reason you're killing yourself," you said, rolling your eyes. "Honestly, nothing can be that important."
"B-but this is that important" he said quietly.
"I have to tell you that I like you," he said, looking down at the floor. "Is that . . . okay?"
As a response, you glomped him, and you both landed on the floor.
"(Y-Y/N), what -?!" Finland stared up at you in confusion.
Grinning like and idiot, you hugged him tighter. "I like you too!"
"Oh." Suddenly he looked just as ecstatic as you. "Then I suppose you wouldn't mind if I decided to kiss you?"
"Nope, you have to kiss me," you smirked.
He tilted his head at you. "Why?"
"I have cookies."
He laughed and pulled you closer, pressing his lips to yours.  

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