Russia + Reader

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  You were wandering around the streets in the growing twilight, not quite ready to go home yet, when it started to snow softly. You stopped at the corner and leaned against the brick wall of the store to watch the white flakes drifting to the ground in little flurries.
Suddenly, a voice spoke right behind you: "Привет, мало подсолнечника~"
You jumped so badly that you almost fell over, but strong arms wrapped around you at the last second, and you found yourself being hugged by the man who had startled you.
It was Russia, your best friend and crush.
"Did I startle you, (Y/N)?" he chuckled, setting you upright on your feet again.
"M-maybe," you stammered, blushing when he didn't let go of your waist. "Why are you here?"
Russia's smile dropped a little. "Aren't you glad to see me, sunflower?" he asked quietly, looking slightly hurt.
"Of course I am," you assured him quickly, instantly feeling bad. You didn't want him to think you didn't like him. "I just wondered if there was a particular reason you're here."
"I'm here to see you, (Y/N)," he smiled, ruffling your hair. "I have something to ask you, da?"
"O-oh," you stammered, blushing slightly. "W-what?"
"Do you like someone?"
Your blush doubled, and you looked away.
"Answer me, (Y/N)," Russia said, tipping your face up so that you were looking at him again.
"Y-yes," you stuttered, looking anywhere but at the handsome Russian who was still hugging you.
"Is it Lithuania?" he asked, a slightly dangerous tone creeping into his voice.
You shook your head. "No, we're just friends."
"Definitely not," you snorted. "He's a jerk."
"Then who is it, подсолнечника?" Russia asked, sighing a little.
"J-just someone," you stammered, blushing still worse. "J-just curious, why do you want to know?"
"Because I need to know who to kill," he stated simply, making your eyes go wide.
"Why would you kill the person I like?"
"Because I like you," he admitted quietly. "I don't want you to love anyone else."
Your eyes widened further and you broke into a wide grin.
"What?" Russia asked, looking confused.
"I like you too," you grinned, wrapping your arms around him and hugging him back. "If you killed the person I like, you'd have to kill yourself. Don't do that."
After a split second, he started grinning too.
"Подсолнечника," he whispered, brushing your hair out of your face. "I'm going to kiss you . . ."
You just smiled and stood on tiptoe. He chuckled and pressed his lips against yours, kissing you passionately. From that day on, you had a wonderful new boyfriend.

Привет, мало подсолнечника = Hello, little sunflower
Подсолнечника / подсолнечника = sunflower

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