Italy + Reader

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  "Ve~bella!" an excited, familiar voice called from behind you.
A second later, Italy (your best friend and crush) had wrapped his arms around you, practically bouncing up and down in excitement.
"Italy, I can't breathe," you gasped, and he instantly let go, panicking.
"Oh no-a, bella, did I hurt-a you?" he shrieked. "I'm so sorry-a, bella, I didn't mean to!"
"No, you're fine," you assured him hastily. "So, what did you want?"
"Ve~I made pasta!" he exclaimed, instantly happy again. "Want to come eat-a it with-a me?"
"Sure," you shrugged, and he grabbed your hand, dragging you off after him.
After a while, he slowed down a bit and you managed to catch your breath.
"Bella, do you like me?" he asked.
"Of course," you said absently. "We're friends, remember?"
"No, bella, do you like me?" he repeated seriously, stopping and grabbing your hands. "Do you like me, as in amore?"
You blushed and avoided his gaze. "W-why?"
"Because ti amo," he said, staring intently into your eyes. Wait, his eyes are open?
You flung your arms around him, hugging him tightly.
"Italy, I love you too!" you squealed.
"Ve~really?!" he beamed, and before you knew it, he was kissing you.

Bella = beautiful
Amore = love
Ti amo = I love you

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