England + Reader

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  You were totally engrossed in your book, reading on your front porch.
"Hello, (Y/N)," a voice said.
You jumped badly, and raised your eyes from your book to see your best friend England standing beside you. You felt color rise to your cheeks. You had the biggest crush on him.
"H-hey, England," you stammered, setting your book down.
"Oh, did I startle you?" he asked, sitting down beside you. "Sorry, love."
You blushed worse. Dang, stupid stuttering brain, you thought. That probably looked stupid. Way to go, (Y/N). Way to make your crush think that you're a wacko.
"N-no, you're fine," you told him. Dang it! Not again!
"(Y/N), may I ask you something?" he asked you.
"Sure, Arthur," you smiled.
"Do you have a crush on one of the countries?"
"W-what?!" you exclaimed. "W-who told you that?!"
He chuckled at your expression, but quickly got serious. "No one told me, love," he said quietly. "I guessed. So you really do. Who is it?"
Your eyebrows shot up. He didn't know?
"Just a certain country," you murmured, not looking him in the eye. "He's really nice and polite and really cute."
"That doesn't tell me who it is, (Y/N)," England frowned slightly.
"Can't you guess?" you asked sweetly.
"Is it France?"
"What?! Ew! No, you idiot, who the heck would like him?!"
England smiled briefly. "Alright, is it America?"
"No, he's way too loud and annoying," you snorted, then blushed, hesitated, and plunged on. "England, you idiot, I like you, okay?! I like you!"
England's eyes went wide.
"Me, love?" he asked, looking shocked. "L-love, are you serious?"
Well, too late to turn back now, you thought.
"Yes," you whispered, looking at the ground.
"(Y/N)," he said, and you looked up to see him smiling at you. "I like you too."
A brief wave of shock swept over you, but you quickly shoved it aside. You hugged England tightly and pressed your lips against his, and after a confused second, he kissed you back.  

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