Norway + Reader

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All right, (Y/N), you told yourself, standing on Norway's front porch. This is it. You're going to tell him. Don't be nervous. What's the worse that could happen? Well, he could say he doesn't like me that way, or -
You stopped yourself. Thinking about what could go wrong would do no good. You had to just tell him and let things happen. You raised a slightly shaking hand and knocked on the door.
It opened fairly quickly, and you found yourself facing your best friend and crush, Norway.
"H-hey, Norway." You blushed and silently cursed your stutter. That didn't help matters.
"You've been standing here for half an hour," Norway said.
"Uh . . . yeah," you mumbled. "L-look, I've got something to tell you."
"Come in before you freeze," he told you bluntly, stepping back to let you inside.
You walked in, and he closed the door behind you.
"Now, what did you want to tell me?" he asked expressionlessly.
"I-I l-like you," you whispered.
"Of course you do. We're friends."
You mentally facepalmed. Great word choice, (Y/N). "I m-meant like as in . . . love."
"Are you saying you love me?" Norway asked, a hint of red flooding his cheeks.
"I . . . yes. I am."
This is awkward. I shouldn't have come here. He doesn't love me. I have to go.
"I'll just . . . go," you mumbled, turning back to the door.
To your surprise, Norway wrapped his arms around you and pulled you back.
"(Y/N)," he said seriously. "I love you too."
A grin broke across your face, and you hugged him fiercely. Before you realized it, Norway had pulled you into a kiss, and you gladly kissed him back.  

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