Hutt River + Reader

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    "Hutt, I'm back!" you yelled, closing your front door behind you as you clutched your groceries with one arm.

When only silence greeted your words, you frowned. You were sure you'd left your friend and crush, Hutt River, alone in your house when you had gone to the market. Maybe he'd gotten bored and left?

"Hutt? Are you still here?" you called, wandering into your kitchen.

Still receiving no reply, you deposited the paper bag in your arms on the counter and wandered into the living room.

"Hutt?" you tried again. "Did you - oh."

You grinned to yourself as your eyes fell on your couch. Hutt River was there, alright, but he was also asleep.

"It figures," you said, shaking your head with a chuckle.

As you reached towards him with the intent of waking him up, the light glinted off his silky hair, attracting your attention. On a sudden impulse, you altered your course and buried your fingers in the fluffy blonde waves. So . . . his hair was as soft as it looked . . .

"(Y/N), what are you doing?"

You jumped at the abrupt awakening from your random thoughts and realized with a blush that a pair of olive green eyes was staring up at you in confusion. Who knew that Hutt River was such a light sleeper?

"I'm . . . er, waking you up?" you tried.

"By petting my hair?"

"Er . . . yes?"

"Is this some new way to wake people up that I haven't heard about?" he asked, straightening up in his seat with a flourish of his cape.

"Well, er . . ."

You met his gaze and blushed harder. "Fine," you huffed, sitting down beside him in defeat. "I wanted to see if your hair was as soft and fluffy as it looks."

He grinned at you. "Can I ask why?"

"Because I like your hair!" you burst out. "I like you, you idiot!"

His grin turned to a smirk, and he suddenly had his arms around you. "Are you finally admitting it? Because if you are, I'll admit that I like you too."

"Yes, I'm admitting it," you said, rolling your eyes and at the same time smiling like an idiot.

Before he could say anything else, you pressed your lips to his, sliding your fingers back up to mess with his beautiful fluffy hair again.

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