Chapter 35

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"The baby, it's Jeremy's right?" Isaiah asks and if it weren't for the vulnerability on his face I would have laughed.

"What?! No. Oh god," Jermey and I? "Never in a million years would Jeremy and I..."  I can't even finish the sentence. "He's like a brother."

Isaiah's vulnerable face morphs into one of anger. "He didn't seem like a brother in high school." He spits.

My stomach drops. "What?"

His fists clench and his eyes turn to slits. "On graduation day," His tone is full of sarcasm. "When his hands were on you and his tongue was down your throat." He's exaggerating but I don't think that's something I should argue with him about right now.

"You saw that?" My voice comes barely a whisper.

"Why else do you think I kissed..." He pauses as he tries to remember the girl's name. "I can't remember her name but you know who I'm talking about." Is it bad that it makes giddy that he doesn't remember her name? "Maybe it was immature, but I wanted you to feel a fraction of the pain a felt."

My heart breaks as tears well in my eyes. It feels like a boulder I've been carrying around for the past five years has been lifted off my shoulders.

"I wanted you to fight for us but instead you walked away." I feel like I should respond but I don't know what were to start. "And maybe it's my fault too. Maybe if I had been a better boyfriend." I start shaking my head, he was nothing less than perfect. "Or if I'd went afterJeremy instead of trying to back at you..." Yeah us talking might have helped. "Maybe you wouldn't be having another man's baby."

Okay, telling him Carter is where I should start. Just say it, Meghan.


"Maybe we could have worked through things." He mutters, running his hand through his hair.

"Isaiah." I try to get his attention again.

"Hell," He scoffs and laughs angrily. "Maybe we'd be married."

"Isaiah!" I practically scream, done speaking softly. "I lied." I say before he gets a chance to speak again. "I am so so sorry. I lied. I should have told you the truth."

He gives me a pained look. "The baby," I choke through a sob. "He's yours. I wasn't pregnant before that night. I promise he's yours."

He goes from being red with fury to white as a ghost. His mouth opens and closes but no sound comes out.

"I'm sorry, I didn't think you wanted him so I lied."

"You didn't think I wanted MY child?" He spits.

"Yes, but, I was under the impression that you cheated in high school." I cringe at my pathetic excuse.

"No," He glares and points at me. "You do not get to do that!  You do not get to bring up high school when you were the one cheating."

"But I wasn't cheating! Jeremy kissed me!" If he'd talked to me he'd have know that. Suddenly, I'm pissed. This entire thing is Isaiah's fault. "And if you'd come and talk to me then you'd know that! But instead you pushed some cheerleader up against the chalkboard in Mrs. Ramsey's class."

For a moment he looks stunned but then the glare comes back. "You've branded yourself a liar; yet, now you expect me to believe you."

"It's true." Jeremy's voice joins the conversation and a coat is placed over my shoulders. Isaiah stares at Jeremy hands on my shoulders like he's going to rip them off. "Forcing a kiss on Meghan was a mistake that I'll forever regret, but's she's learned to forgive me and I hope you can too."

Before I can even blink Isaiah has tackled Jeremy into the snow.

He gets three good punches in while a scream at him before someone yanks him off.

"Let me go Jack." Isaiah snarls at the burly man holding his arms.

"Jack." Cameron's voice is added into the mix. Jack releases Isaiah.

"Okay," Jeremy stands up groaning. "I deserved that."

"Jeremy," Mia walks towards him. "Get inside Cameron's limo before we have Jack here finish what Isaiah started." She then looks at me. "We'll take him to the hospital. He's probably going to need stitches under his eye." She walks away dragging Jeremy after her and muttering something about men.

"Get inside the apartment!" She calls behind her. "And kiss and make up."

After an excruciatingly long and awkwardly silent elevator ride. Isaiah and I make it into the apartment.

"You're an ass." I tell him, wanting to smack his face.

He has the audacity to look appalled. "Excuse me?"

"Just attacking someone is-"

"You're not at all upset that he ruined our relationship?" Isaiah stares at me in disbelief.

"Not really," I tell him honestly. "Because it's not his fault. I blame you. You jumped to the conclusion that I was cheating and tried to get back at me." I march forward and jab my finger onto his chest. "So this mess is your fault."

He looks shocked before my word sink in and he frowns, his eyebrows wrinkling in hurt. "I'm sorry."

"You assumed I was cheating. I assumed you didn't want kids. Can we both forgive each other and move forward." I cringe when the anger come back to his face. Crap.

Before he can say anything I grab his hand and rest it on the top of my stomach.

As if Carter knows it's his father, he starts kicking harder; causing Isaiah's eyes to well with tears.

"That's my baby?" He asks and I smile shakily. He falls to his knees in front of me, his weight causing a thump to ring through the apartment.

"Carter," Isaiah has his mouth almost touching my stomach. "I'm Daddy. I'm sorry I'm late but I'm here now, okay? I'm here now and I'm not leaving." He looks me in the eyes when he says the last sentence.

Carter kicks a few times in response and Isaiah grins, then stands.

Not giving me a second to react he grabs my head and jerks me forward. Our cold lips meeting and causing sparks that warm me to my toes. His fingers thread through my hair as he deeps the kiss, pouring all his hurt and anger into my mouth.

When he pulls away, we're both breathing heavily.

"I love you." He whispers and I can hear the nervousness seeping through his tone.

"I love you too." I tell him, letting him pull me as close as he can without squishing my stomach.

He groans as our lips meet again and picks me up bridal style.

"I'm still angry at you." I mutter as he starts walking toward my room.

"And I'm still pissed at you." He responds, kicking my door closed.

I feel like this ending is crappy but whatever.

Meghan and Isaiah are seriously giving into their emotions... I feel like they need to have a long talk.

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