Chapter 8

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"Hey," Mia says walking into the apartment and finding me in the kitchen. "Autumn and Rose are going to be here in fifteen minutes. I'm going to change. Then I want to talk to you real fast. Okay?"

"Okay." I've known for the past two weeks this conversation was coming and I'm still not prepared for it. Mia's not stupid. And, it's not like I've been trying to hide this from her or anything I'm just terrified of having to bring it up. Looks like she's going to do it for me.

I still can't bring myself to buy a pregnancy test. I promised myself I would last week but chickened out.

Mia walks out of her room in a tank top and a pair of sweatpants. She's thrown her hair into a messy bun. "Oh my gosh." She says. "I had a couple ask to sit somewhere where there were no kids today. I was like 'are you serious?' I mean, they're at a diner. For dinner. On a Saturday night. And they want to sit where there are no kids?"

I laugh. People that don't like kids make her tense. "Were you able to give them what they wanted?"

"Nope, I did my best and set them in an area with only one kid. Plot twist, the kid was the spawn of Satan. He was jumping in the booth and throwing his crayons." We both burst out laughing.

"So," I say once our laughter has died down. "You wanted to talk?" I know we need to have this conversation. The sooner the better.

"Yeah," She says. "I just wanted to make sure you were okay. You know, with this whole helping Autumn plan a wedding thing."

Wait, what?

"I just feel like we haven't had a chance to talk about the Isaiah thing and now you have to help plan a wedding. I haven't even asked you how you're doing or if you're okay." She tells me looking guilty.

"Oh, I'm good. Totally fine." I tell her. This conversation is not going where I thought it was and I can't decide if it's a good thing or a bad thing.

"Meghan, you've always been a crap liar."

"Fine," I sigh. "I'm not okay but I know I will be. I mean, I've been fine for the past few years. Yes, Autumn's engagement is bringing up memories but it's okay. I am beyond happy for her. As for the Isaiah thing, there's not much to talk about since I can't remember anything. But I can tell you that being his one-night stand hurts just as much as seeing him cheat." My voice cracks at the end and I take a deep breath. "Now no more talking about it. Tonight is Autumn's night and I don't want it ruined."

She opens her mouth to respond but is cut off by the door opening. Autumn's voice fills the apartment as she walks toward the kitchen.

"I have wine and Rose has pizza! I hope you two are ready for some serious wedding planning." She says then starts giggling then squeals. "I'm finally getting married!"

Rose rolls her eyes. "She's been like this all day."

"Oh, you poor thing." I say looking at Rose.

Autumn glares at me. "I have been waiting for this for an extremely long time, quit trying to ruin my fun."

"You two leave Autumn alone." Mia says as she grabs four wine glasses. "These next few months are about her so she's allowed to act how she wants. Even if it's like an annoying fourteen-year-old girl."

"Excuse me! I clearly remember the three of us squealing about weddings right before Johnathan proposed the first time. We were all planning our dream weddings, so shut it."

"Too bad Mia and I joined the nunnery last year and now we won't be having those dream wedding."

Mia scoffs. "You got kicked out of the nunnery last month."

Autumn chokes on her wine. "Last month?! How come I'm just now hearing about it?"

"You'll never guess who she ran into like, the day before Johnathan proposed again." Mia tells Autumn.

"No!" I jump into the conversation. "We're not discussing this."

"Who?!" Autumn asks completely ignoring me.

"Isaiah." I groan.

"No way! Oh my gosh! What did he say? Why am I just now hearing about this?"

"I don't remember anything he said because I was completely intoxicated. All I remember is waking up in his bed naked and completely hung over."

"YOU SLEPT WITH HIM?!?!" She screams then covers her mouth.

"Just tell the whole apartment why don't you." I snap at her while Mia and Rose start laughing.

"Sorry. I just- I don't even know what to say... He didn't say anything when you guys woke up?"

"She left before he woke up."

"Why would you do that?" Autumn asks looking at me like I'm crazy.

"I left before he woke up and told me to leave? Why are you and Mia making such a big deal about it? Mia's determined the whole 'cheating in high school' thing was a misunderstanding.

Autumn looks at me sheepishly.

I groan. "Not you too."

"What? You guys were perfect for each other. You were both so in love. I was sure a proposal was on the horizon."

I was in love. Isaiah apparently wasn't. "He had the chance to fix it but he didn't. It wasn't a misunderstanding. Now can we please stop talking about it?" I ask not wanting to be in a foul mood.

"Yes," Rose stands up from the chair she was sitting in and puts her phone in her pocket. "Here Meg drink this." She hands me a glass of wine. "Let's go plan a wedding." She then marches into the living room and Autumn follows after her mumbling something.

I sigh and Mia walks over to me.

"We tease you because we love you."

"I know." I nod and set the glass in my hand down.

She gives me a questioning glance. "Not gonna drink?"

"Not in the mood." Also, there's a chance I'm pregnant and I've decided not to drink until I know for sure; I wish I could just tell you because I'm sure I'd be a lot less stressed if I got it off my chest.

"Since when are you 'not in the mood' for alcohol." She asks me holding out a glass for me to take.

"I just said I wasn't in the mood." I practically snap at her.

Her eyes widen and she gives me a tight-lipped smile. "More for me then." She says before leaving the kitchen.

Great. I should just tell her what's going on instead of acting pissy. I groan and drag my hands down my face; then I put a smile on and walk into the living room.

Let's plan a wedding!


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