Chapter 22

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Isaiah POV

"Isaiah, drinks after work?"

"Sorry Kelly," I shake my head a my short co-worker. "I'm busy tonight."

Her hand comes up and rests on my arm. "What's a mysterious guy like you doing on a Thursday night?"

I smile but I think it comes out like a cringe. "A friend of mine is getting married tomorrow, so his sister is having drinks at her apartment tonight after the rehearsal.

"Oh," Her hand moves up and down my arm. "Do you need a date?"

I hesitate, wondering what Meghan would think if I brought a date. The thought leaves my head just as quickly as it entered.

"Thanks for the offer," I lift her hand off my arm. "but I think I'm gonna go solo."

"Well, you know where to find me if you change your mind." She walks away, her blonde bob bouncing.

"I'm glad she's gone, she reeked of nothing but desperation." Cameron's dry voice comes form behind me. "Plus, you're not into blondes."

I turn and grin at my best friend. "We both know I'm more of a red head guy."

"One specific red head right?" He smirks at me. "You ready for this weekend?"

"The father's not around."

"Uh, Cameron, I'm doing my rounds." I glance at my scrubs and Cameron's does as well.

"Dude!" He punches my shoulder. "Did you not just hear me?"

"Something about the father, who's father?"

"I just came from Meghan and Amelia's apartment."

My steps freeze. "What were you doing there?"

"I needed to apologize to Meghan about something."

"About what?"

"Doesn't matter, what matters is what I'm trying to tell you." We continues muttering and I roll my eyes at my his crazy ramblings.

"What are you trying to tell me Cameron?"

"The father of Meghan's baby-"

"I don't want to hear anything about him." I cut Cameron off from telling me anything about the man that has everything I wanted.

"He's not around Isaiah, he's not with Meghan and he's not involved with the baby."

My mind runs a mile a minute. The possibility of Meghan and I having a future is back.

"He's not involved at all?" I look at Cameron who's waiting for my reaction.

"I don't think so."

"Asshole." I mutter shaking my head.

"Yeah," Cameron nods. "But you can be the knight." He grabs by shoulders. "Use this weekend to get to get close to her, become friends again, then go from there."

"As ready as I'll ever be. I can be her friend." I've been repeating that sentence for the past few weeks. Maybe if I keep saying it, it will come true.


"I need everyone lined up waiting to enter the auditorium." The wedding planner Autumn hired claps her hands.

Everyone stands in line with their partners. Meghan stands next to me, making eye contact for the first time tonight.

"Hi." She whispers. Tension radiates off her body and her arms are crossed around her stomach. Her bump looks adorable on her, it's something I've always wanted to see. I just never thought it would be like this.

"Hey, how have you been feeling?"

"Good." She nods her head not relaxing. "I have Mia following me around shoving vegetables down my throat and making me drink an entire water bottle every hour." She then laughs lightly probably thinking of the way Mia's been helping her. Meghan's ex may have been a ass and left but at least Mia is here for her. And now I'm going to make sure I am to.

"Well, I'm glad Mia is here for you."

Apparently I've said the wrong thing because Meghan's smile instantly drops.

"Yeah, at least she's here."

Hi! How was everyone's New Years?

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