Chapter 4

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Isaiah's POV

When I wake up the sun is shining brightly through the window. The clock on the night stand shows that it's already almost one in the afternoon. Damn. I haven't slept this good in years. Last night wore me out. Images of Meghan underneath me fill my mind and I smile. It felt amazing to get to have her in my arms again. I roll to my side and go to pull her closer but, instead of coming in contact with her soft body all I feel is the cold bed. She probably just went to the bathroom I tell myself.

Last night when I saw her sitting next to Cameron I was frozen in shock. Her hair was darker and shorter than it used to be but she was still the same Meghan. My Meghan. She was staring at me with those green eyes. The eyes I've been praying every day to see again. Even if it was just once. At least once to tell her I'm sorry and I love her.

And that's what I've decided I'm going to do today. I'm going to tell her I love her. I may have said it over and over again last night as if trying to make up for lost time, but today when I tell her I'll be completely sober. I'm going to apologize for what happened on graduation day. I'll tell her I let my anger and jealousy get the best of me. And, if I'm lucky, she'll tell me her kiss with Jeremy was a mistake or a one-time thing and it never meant anything. She'll tell me she still loves me and we'll move on from what happened in high school. We'll put it behind us and move on with our lives. She'll move in with me, we'll get married and have kids just like we planned during our senior year.

Because we need to move on from what happened. I'm tired of living alone in an empty house. I need her back. After everything that day I was so angry I didn't even try to talk to her for a whole week. But when I did, when I realized underneath all that anger was hurt, I was too late. She'd changed her number and left for some trip across the country with Mia.

My phone chiming brings me from my thoughts.

Did you know? -C

Yeah, he's gonna have to be more specific. Did I know what? - I

About Amelia's parents. You work at Hopkins. -C

A surge of anger flares through me.

I work on the pediatrics floor, not cancer. Also knowing would have given me a connection to Meghan. So no, obviously I didn't know. -I

Right. Sorry. Were you and Meghan able to talk much after I left? You're welcome by the way. -C

No, but we will when she gets out of the bathroom. -I

Really dude? She spent the night before you guys even talked? Bathroom? You sure she didn't skip out? ;) joking. -C

He really knows what buttons to push.

Was that meant to be funny? Because it wasn't. -I

She has been in there for quite awhile. "Meg?" I say sitting up. When she doesn't respond I get out of the bed, slide my boxers on, and walk to the bathroom door.

"Meg?" I call knocking on on the door. The panic starts when she again doesn't answer.

"Meghan!" I call again while opening the door but the bathroom is empty. No.

"No, no, no." I say running out of the room, down the hall, and out the door. As if I'll somehow be able to catch her walking down the street.

"Damn it!" I shout when I get to the end of my driveway and she's nowhere to be seen.

I march back into the house and slam the door closed so hard the house shakes.

When did she leave? Why did she leave? Did last night mean nothing to her? The way kissed me last night I thought she felt the same. I mean, she fell asleep in my arms. What else was I supposed to think? And here I was imagining how we were gonna work stuff out.

When I get back to my room I grab my phone and text Cameron two words. She skipped. Then I walk over to my dresser and pull open the shirt drawer. I yank shirt after shirt out and throw them all to the floor until I find what I'm looking for. A small glass jewelry box. I take the necklace out and stare at the box for a moment before spinning around and throwing it against the wall. Shards of glass fly across the room, and just like that all my anger is evaporated and heartbreak takes its place.

I sink to the floor. While resting my back against my bed I sit and stare at the necklace in my hand for a few minutes before taking a ring off the chain. It's a gold band with a large circular diamond surrounded by smaller ones. It cost me two years of savings but if it ever makes it onto Meghan's hand it will be worth it. It's the same ring I had in my hand when I saw Meghan kissing Jeremy. The same ring that was in my pocket when I pushed some girl up again the wall and let her kiss me, faking a moan here and there, hoping Meghan would feel at least half the pain I did.

I don't how long I sit there staring at the ring. I don't know when the tears started to cloud my eyes. But eventually, Cameron walks into the room with a bag in his hand. He looks at the glass on the floor and back at me but doesn't say anything, instead he sits down next to me and pulls two bottles of Jack out of the bag. And there we sit, me in my boxers and Cameron in some suit, drinking in silence and staring at the shattered glass on the floor.


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I hope I didn't make him sound girly... I just didn't want him to be the kind of guy who was only thinking about her body because that's not really the way I see him being.... but I don't want him to sound feminine. So I don't know how well his POV turned out but....

Anywho... Now that we got his POV on what happened do we kinda like him? Maybe feel a little/lot bad for him? or nah?

How gorgeous is that ring?!?!

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