Chapter 27

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"Stay." Mia tells me getting up to get the door. "I'll get the door."

"Okay?" I glance at Autumn. "Do you think she's acting weird?"

Autumn bites her lip. Now that I think about it Autumn's been acting weird too...

"I think she's just worried about you." Autumn mumbles.

Seconds later, a voice I hadn't heard since high school rings through the apartment.

"Where is she?!?" I can picture Mia pointing towards the living room right before hearing footsteps stomping down the hall.

My dark haired cousin suddenly marches into the living room.

"H-hey cuz..."

"Don't you dare cuz me Meghan." Her dark eyes glare into my soul. "You don't talk to me for five years and then I get a call from your best friend that you've officially lost it."

My eyebrows furrow. "What?"

"Apparently, you've lost your freaking mind!" She shouts, causing my eyes to widen.

"Oh Susie!" Mia laughs, throwing herself onto the couch. "I have missed you."

My cousin smirks at my best friend. "I'm sure you have."  She turns back towards me. "Now, tell me what the hell is wrong with you?!"

"Me?" I shout confused. "I haven't done anything! What are you even doing here?"

"We're having an intervention." Mia says calmly.

What the-

"You're are making stupid decisions. You need to help. I suggested a psychologist but Amelia here think it's a bit extreme.

"Just a tad." Mia mumbles and I glare at her.

"You called my cousin for an intervention?" Don't get me wrong, I love Susie but she's not what I need right now.

"Um.." She gives me a nervous grin. "Yeeeees?"

I open my mouth to completely cuss her out but she cuts me off.

"I can't get though to you! You're not..thinking... your decisions through." She speaks slowly, thinking about her words.

"You don't think I'm thinking my decisions through?" Betrayal seeps through my voice.

"You're obviously not." Susie mumbles and I glare at her. "What? It's the truth. You're pregnant and not telling Isaiah it's his?"

"There's more to the story that you don't know." I tell her, trying to keep my voice steady.

"Like what?" She crouches down in front of me. "That he cheated? I knew that. That you don't think he wants kids? I knew that too."

"Mia..." I whine- knowing she's the one that shared this info.

"Sorry not sorry." Mia whispers.

"But how can you be sure?" Susie taps my leg making me look at her.

"I just am." I mumble.

"You're one hundred percent sure?"

"I-" Her question makes me pause. Am I completely one hundred percent sure?

"Gotcha there." Susie smirks. "Now," Slowly she reaches behind her and pulls her phone out. "Call him and tell him."

Hesitantly, I take the phone from her hand. He needs to know right?

"No." I stand up from the couch and toss the phone where I was sitting. "I can't."

Mia groans and Susie mutters a 'so close' before standing up.

"Fine!" Susie pick the phone up from the couch. "I'll call him. Mia, what's Isaiah's number."

"Oh," Mia takes a piece of paper from the left pocket of her jeans. "It's 917-"

"Shut up Mia!" I shout. "Why are you guys trying to push me into a corner?" I cry.

"We're doing what's best." Mia stands up and walks over to me. Slowly her arms wrap around me. "You're hurting yourself and the baby not telling him. The decision needs to be his." Her answer causes me to cry harder.

"Stop coddling her." Susie smacks Mia's hands away and holds the phone out. "Either you do it or I will."

"You can't." I sob and Mia starts rubbing my back.

"I can and I will." Susie types in the numbers again. "Mia, what's the next set of numbers?"


"Wait!" I shout wiping my tears. "Just wait a second." Susie holds the phone out for me. "No, just- I'll make a deal with you two."

"Hey," Autumn speaks up reminding me she's here. "I'm still here and I agree with the two of them. I'm just less vocal about it."

"I'll make a deal with you three." I correct myself, rolling my eyes.

"The deal is...?" Mia let's her sentence hang and I look at Susie.

"If I don't tell Isaiah by the time the Carter is born, you can call him and tell him. Give me till then..."

Susie grabs Autumn's arm and pulls her off the couch dragging  her and Mia out of the living room and into the kitchen.

I can hear whispers but not any actual words.

"One week!" Susie shouts from the kitchen. "You have until one week before the due date or I will call him. Deal?"

I think for a minute. That gives me about sixteen weeks to gather up an ounce courage.


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