Chapter 20

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"Autumn Black?"

"That's us!" Autumn giggles excitedly.

"Hi, I'm Melanie Tate, I'll be consulting with you today." The woman I recognize as Cameron's sister approaches Autumn and shakes her hand. "Who do we have with you today?"

"This is my mother, my sister and maid of honor, two of my other bridesmaids, and my flower girl."

"Hello ladies!" We all wave.

"So, what I got from your phone call is that you're getting married next month, you're hoping to get both your wedding dress and your bridesmaids dress, and you already have a clear idea of what you want for both. Correct?"

"Yes," Autumn pulls out her phone. "This dress is what I have in mind."

"We actually have this exact dress right in your price range." Autumn's eyes spark with happiness. "This is Emily, another consultant here at Belle Mariée." A blonde woman joins the small group we've formed. "She will take you and your mum and sister and get you set up while I️ take your two bridesmaids pick out the bridesmaid dresses."


"Great," Melanie turns to Mia and I️. "If you to will follow me."

We follow her to a huge, open area filled with colorful dresses.

"So, what kind of bridesmaid dress was the bride looking for?" 

"Oh," Mia sets Zoey, who she had in her hip, on the ground. "She wanted a burgundy chiffon dress with lace sleeves."

"Okay right over here are the chiffon dresses."

Melanie watches Mia's hand comes up and feels one of the dresses.

Melanie turns to me. "How far along are you?" She nods at my stomach.

"Oh, um, fifteen weeks."

"How exciting! My husband and I️ have recently decided we're about ready to start for a baby. We're so excited!" Her green eyes are sparkling. The excitement that wasn't in my eyes when I️ found out about my baby sparkles through hers. "Was your husband excited?"

I️ see Mia's eyes widen over Melanie's shoulder. "No, I'm not married."

"Oh, boyfriend then?"

"Hey, Melanie, can I️ ask you some questions about this dress?" My best friend saves me from an awkward conversation.

"I️ love you!" I️ mouth to Mia as she walks away with Melanie and she responds with a wink.

What was I️ supposed to say? 'No, no boyfriend, I️ just slept with with your brother's best friend; who, just so happens to be my ex-boyfriend.' Nope.

I wander towards the veils and pick one up.

"We should have a spring wedding. Not too hot, not too cold."

"We're not discussing getting married..."


"Isaiah, we haven't even graduated yet."

"So, when we graduate?" My boyfriend has a cheesy smile on his face.

"Yes, Isaiah, we can discuss marriage after graduation."

"Can you just answer one question?" He bends down on one knee.

"Isaiah, I swear to God, if you propose I'm going to smack you." Did he not just hear me when I said not until after graduation?

"Meghan Grace Hume, will you... promise to wear one of those really long veils on our wedding day?" He spits out then stands up.


"What? I think it'll look sexy."

"So that's the famous Amelia?" A voice startles me causing me to yank the veil I️ was looking at off the counter.

"Shoot, sorry." 

Melanie laughs, bending down to grab the veil. "You're fine."

"What did you mean famous Mia?"

"The one that my brother's in love with?" She arches a curious eyebrow at me. Her bluntness shocks me.


She nods. "She's nicer than I thought she would be..."


"Like, she broke my brothers heart... I️ guess I've always pictured her as some witch."

Broke her brother's heart? A witch? "Um, no, she not a witch. Why-"

"I mean, how could she not love my brother? He would have given her what ever she wanted." She's got that protective sibling tone I hear in Mia all the time. "You're her best friend, did she ever say anything?"


"Hey Meghan, Zoey wants to show you her flower girl dress." Zoey stands in front of me with a small smile. She's wearing a burgundy dress with long lace sleeves.

"Oh Zoey, you look so pretty!"  Her smile grows and she spins.

"Are you ladies ready to see the bride's dress?" Emily walks towards us.

Mia grabs Zoey's hands. "Come on Princess, let's put your clothes back on."

"Ugh," Melanie glares at Mia's back. "Why does she has to seem so sweet???"

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