Chapter 24

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"But what if I get up there and he changes his mind?" Autumn asks for the millionth time.

"For the love of.." Mia mumbles under her breath. "Autumn, he's not going to change his mind. My brother is completely in love with you."

"Mia's right," I chime in finishing the
last few curls in Autumn's hair. "Johnathan loves you, and he has for a long time."

"Now," Mia claps her hands. "You're gonna walk down that isle, say your vows, become Mrs.Evans, and live happily ever after. You got it?"

Autumn sniffles before laughing. "Got it."

"Good, because we do not have time to go over that again." Rose rushes into the room. "We're starting in fifteen minutes."

"Zoey," Mia takes a bobby-pin out from between her teeth and puts it in Autumn's hair. "Go see Meghan, she'll help you with your dress."

Zoey walks toward me in the robe Autumn bought her. She's carrying her dress and her dark hair has been put in a messy braid.

"Zoey, your hair looks like Elsa's! It's so pretty!" I tell her and she smiles. When I help her out of her robe and into her dress I notice bruises up her arms. It still boggles my mind how someone could treat their child like that.

Suddenly Autumn's mom comes into the room with Anne. The two of them start gushing of Autumn in her gown. It's a gorgeous lace gown with sleeves and an open back.

Autumn's father comes in a few minutes later. "The groom is getting nervous, are you ladies ready?"

"Autumn," Anne says, "if anyone is going to teach my son patience it'll be you."

Autumn giggles. "Maybe someday, but not today."

All the groomsmen and bridesmaids line up. Xander and Zoey get behind us, and Autumn stands in the back with Mr.Black.

Isaiah and I's walk down the isle is uneventful and soon the wedding march starts.

When Autumn starts walking down the isle, Johnathan lets out a gasping breath. He stares at her like she's the most beautiful thing he's ever seen and she just grins back.

When they reach each other, they whisper words only the two of them can hear. They both seem so happy and in love. By the time they're pronounced husband and wife, I don't think there was a dry eye in the church.

"The new Mr and Mrs. Evans hope that everyone will join them outside for dinner and dancing." The officiant announces and everyone claps as Johnathan and Autumn run down the isle together.


"I'm sure she'll accept if you ask her to dance." I tell Cameron, who's watching Mia dance with Xander.

"You think?"

"I know." I smile at how nervous he looks.

"You want to help me warm up? I haven't danced in forever." He stretches out his hand and gives me a sheepish grin.

Laughing, I take his hand. "I'd love to."

After helping him dance through three songs I push him towards Mia who's now dancing with Kai. "Go, I promise she'll say yes."

I watch as he walks towards her and extends his hand. She hesitates a minute before taking it gently and following him to an open space.

I feel a presence come up behind me and turn to see Isaiah offering me his hand.

I take it and immediately regret it when my hand feels as though it's burning.

"You look beautiful." He whispers, pulling me as close as he can with my stomach protruding between us.

I feel heat rush to my cheeks. "Thank you."

Silence settles between us for a few moments but he breaks it by clearing his throat.

"I need to talk to you."

I inhale sharply. Did he find out the baby is his? Is he angry?

"About what?" I can't bring myself to look at him, instead I force my eyes to focus on Mia dancing with Cameron.

"I want us to be friends. I miss hanging out with you."

Friends. Hanging out. I guess that's all I was to him. A friend who kept him from being bored. To him we weren't in a loving relationship no, we were hanging out.

"Meghan?" My eyes snap to his and he stares at me with so much intensity. "Please, can we be friends?"

Thinking of all the pain I go through when I'm around him I start to say no. Before I can get the words out I feel a small flutter in my stomach.

"Oh!" I laugh at the odd feeling. "He's moving!" My excitement causes me to forget all common sense as I yank Isaiah's hand and place it on my stomach. "Do you feel him?"

"No," Isaiah's eyebrows furrow, "I can't."

In that moment I realize I have to be friends with Isaiah. Our child deserves to be around his father. Isaiah may not be offering to be his father but at least he's offering to be around.

"I'd like to be friends Isaiah." The words hurt but they for our child. Someone who, already, I would do anything for.

"Friends... Yeah, good." Isaiah gives me a tight-lipped smile as we resume our dancing.

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