Chapter 30

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"Can you see?" Mia tightens the bandana round my eyes and accidentally snags a bit of my hair.


"Oh," She rubs the back of my head. "Sorry."

"I can't see so please don't let me walk into a wall."

"We won't Meghan." Isaiah chuckles and my heart skips a beat.

"Better not." I mumble. He's putting such an effort forward to be friends, which is good; we need to be in good terms when I tell him that Carter is his.

"Come on," I hear Kai. "Let's get you to Carter's corner closet."

"You come up with on your own." Mia chuckles.

"I thought it was okay."

"Only okay?" I can practically hear Kai's smirk, making me roll my eyes.

"Maybe," Cameron cuts into their bantering. "We should just show Meghan the closet."

"Right." I hear Mia and feel her hand on my arm. "Walk."

"Don't let me run into the wall. Don't let me run into the wall."

Suddenly I'm scooped up bridal style causing me to squeal.

"I won't let you hit the wall." Isaiah's hot breath fans down my neck making me shiver.

The way his arms flex under my knee and behind my back make me want to melt. My mind finds it so easy to trust him. To know he won't let me hit the wall. He won't let me get hurt.

"I think you can set her down." Kai says suddenly and I realize we haven't been moving for a minute. "Ouch."

Slowly, I'm lowered to the floor. "See?" Isaiah's lips brush the top of my ear. "You didn't hit the wall."

"Thank you." I whisper once my feet are flat on the floor.

"Okay," I feel hands on the back of my head. "You ready to see my artwork?" I hear Kai ask.

"Please." I grin in the general direction I think he's in.

A second later the blindfold is taken off and my eyes take a moment to adjust to the light. When they do, I realize I'm standing in front of a mural painted with characters from Finding Nemo.

I gasp at the amazing details. The other three walls are painted light blue, like the ocean. In the wall, right above where the crib is supposed to go, is a quote from the movie. In black cursive writing it says, 'Look, you're really cute but I can't understand what your saying'.

I can't help the giggle that comes out when I read it.

"Kai..." I don't even know what to say to him. The room is amazing. Perfect, just what I wanted. Yet, I can't get words to come out.

"Am I great or am I great!?" Kai laughs.

"You're great." I laugh, tears filling my eyes.

He looks horrified. "Then why are you crying?!? Shit. Mia," He glances sat my best friend. "What did I do?"

"I think you made her too happy..." She hands me a Kleenex and I try to wipe away my tears. "Carter broke her already..."

"He didn't!" I laugh. "I just- You did such an amazing job."

"I know I did." He smirks. "I think it deserves a kiss."

"Kai, I'm seven months pregnant... You want me to kiss you?"

"Right there." He points at his cheek.

Grinning, I lean forward and quickly kiss his cheek. "Thank you."

"Shucks..." He mumbles, pulling me into a hug. "You're welcome." He whispers.

"Okay, Kia," Mia grabs the collar of his shirt. "You did great and I love you; but it's time for you to go." She starts dragging him away.

"She loves him?" Cameron mutters, watching Mia walk away with Kia.

"Like I brother." I remind him.

"He did amazing didn't he?" Mia comes back into the room. "I told you he was a great painter."

"He did. You did." I agree staring at the mural.

"Well, uh," Isaiah clears his throat. "Cameron and I can bring the boxes in here before we go?"

"No!" Mia shouts shocking everyone, including herself. "I mean, it's Tuesday, you guys are already here... You both should stay for dinner. We're having tacoooos!" She grins.

She's trying to startup tacos nights again...

I glare at her and she pretends not to notice.

"Sounds good." Isaiah nods. " Taco Tuesdays are back baby."

Cameron and I snort at his enthusiasm.


"I can't go back to jail!" Mia shouts. "I just got out! Cameron, you have billions of dollars; bail me out."

"I can't bail you out."

"Why not?!" She whines dramatically.

"Because that's not how it works." Cameron states matter-of-factly.

"I hate you."

"Mia, that's rude." I reprimand my best friend. "Think on the bright side, now we're stuck in jail together."

She doesn't answer, instead she glares at Cameron.

"Dude," Isaiah starts laughing "How are you and billionaire in both real life and fucking monopoly?"

"The money loves me."

"Yes, the money loves you! So spare fifty dollars and get me out of jail. We had a pact!"

"Amelia, I promise if you're ever in real jail, I'll bail you out. But now that you're stuck in monopoly jail I'm going to win." Cameron sparks as he rolls the dice. "So why would I bail you out?"

Their bickering goes on for a few minutes and I can't help but grin.

Just like old times. My eyes suddenly connect with Isaiah's.

Well, almost.

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