Chapter 37

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"I hope you two are decent!" Mia yells through the apartment door after banging on it a few times, then walks in. "Jeremy needed two stitches under his eye." She struggles to get her shoe off without actually untying it. "Isaiah, you clocked him good."

"You missed Isaiah." I tell her, wiping the tears off my face. I'm still in the kitchen, now sitting on the floor.

"What?" Her shoe flings off and her face snaps up.  "You two didn't kiss and make up?"

"We kissed... and stuff..." I tell her, cringing. "Then he left."

"He left?" She almost shouts, looking appalled. "What the hell is wrong with him?!" She groans to herself.

After she gets her second shoe off, she walks over to me and holds her hands out. "Let me help you up."

"Why?" I whine like a child, not holding out my hands.

"You're going after Isaiah." She bends down and grabs my hands. "Come on."

She grunts and groans as she tries to pull me off the ground, not receiving any help from me.

"I need pants..." I mutter after she's helped me off the floor.

"Quit acting like a baby." She rolls her eyes. "Go get yourself a pair of pants."

After stalking to my bedroom, I start searching for a pair of pants.

The room smells like Isaiah and images of last night play vividly through my head. I may not remember our night nine months ago but I will never forget last night.

The way Isaiah's body fit next to mine. How, when he kissed down my body, he spent extra time on my stomach. The feeling of his arms wrapped tightly around me as we fell asleep.

Suddenly, I feel angry. He said he loves me, he does not get to walk away. He wants to be pissed I didn't tell him about his son, then leave? Angrily, I yank on a pair of jeans and stalk out of my room.

"I'm leaving."

"I'm driving." Mia grabs the keys to her car before I can grab mine. "Let's go."

"Where were you all night anyway?" I ask Mia once she's pulled out of the apartment's parking lot.

"I crashed at Jonathan and Autumn's place." She grins. "I didn't want to be here when you guys made up for the past five years." She spares me a glance, wiggles her eyebrows, then turns her eyes back toward the road.

"Well, thanks." I tell her dryly.

"I think Autumn is pregnant." She suddenly blurts. "Actually, I know she is." She says confidently.

"Seriously?!" I shout. "Why do you think that?"

"This morning, I heated up pizza and she puked. Also, I saw prenatal vitamins in the cupboard."

"Ahh!" I squeal, thrilled for my close friend.

"But we're not supposed to know." She cuts into my squealing and I pout. "They're obviously waiting to tell people."

My squealing stops but my grin doesn't go away. Jonathan and Autumn deserve this. They've waited so long to finally have their family.

Mia stops the car and I'm pulled from my happy thoughts.

"Go inside, make him listen."

I don't know what I'm going to say to make him understand but I open the car door anyway.

"Make the punk listen to you." She calls after me, through the open window. "Love ya. I'll be right here."

Knowing she's waiting in the driveway incase I come running gives me extra confidence.

I knock on the door, when Isaiah doesn't answer I twist the knob and the door opens.

"Isaiah?" I hear muttering a follow it toward the nursery.

He's pacing back and forth, probably wearing a hole in the carpet, and tugging at his hair.

"Isaiah?" His head whips up and I notice his red face.

"Meghan?" His voice cracks and his eyes fill with tears. "I'm sorry."

He slowly stalks toward me and gently pulls me towards him. "It's all my fault." His face moves to the crook of my neck and I feel hot tears on my skin. "I'm sorry." His body shakes against mine, wracking with sobs.

"Isaiah," My hands come up behind him and I gently rub his back. "It's okay."

"No, it's not." He frantically shakes his head, which is still in the crook of my neck. "In high school," He pulls away and looks me in the eye. "I was so angry... My anger... It blurred my thinking and I- I just reacted."

He looks so broken. His face is red and the area underneath his eyes is swollen. 

"I promise," He reaches into the pocket of his jeans and pulls out a dainty gold chain. "If you can forgive me, I will never question you again."

The beautiful necklace I haven't seen since high school dangles in front of me.

"So, I know we've been dating awhile." Isaiah starts.

"Two years." I grin at him.

"Right, two years. And you know I love you. I am so in love with you." He breathes. "I want a future with you."

"Okay," I state nervously. "I love you too."

Isaiah grins and quickly pecks my lips.

"I bought this for you." He holds out medium black box. It shakes in his hand.

I take the lid off the box and see gold heart shaped locket.  "It's not a promise ring, but I want it to have the same meaning. If you accept the necklace, I swear, after graduation, I'll get you a ring."

Not actually sayin anything I turn so he can clasp it around my neck. The cold heart charm comes over my head and rests against my chest.

Once it's clasped, I turn around and grin at him. "I love you."

"Meghan," He sighs, not smiling. "Do you really want to go back to how it was in high school?"

"That's what I've been saying." I mutter sarcastically, just wanting him to kiss me.

His fists clench and unclench before he reaches into his pocket. He pulls out a beautiful gold halo shaped ring. He kneels on the floor in front of me and smiles sadly.

"I bought this a month before graduation. It was in my hand when I saw you with Jeremy. It was in my pocket in that stupid class room." He shakes his head and my eyes fill with tears. "You want to go back to high school? Well, this is where I was back then. I was ready to ask you to marry me." His shaking hand grabs mine. "I am just as in love with you as I was in high school. So, Meghan Grace Hume, will you put the past five years behind you and marry me?"

I suddenly hear myself gasping. Not from the sobs that are almost overwhelming me, but because of the warm liquid that suddenly runs down my leg.


I feel like this might be rushed but I don't care! They've both been waiting five years!

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