Chapter 17

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"Kids, your mom is here." Mia's voice rings through the apartment.

Xander and Zoey glance warily at each other before slowly getting off the couch and walking toward the door, leaving me to follow after them.

"Oh, my babies!" Marie's scratchy voice squeals. "I missed you!"

"We missed you too mom." Xander hugs his mom while Zoey nods.

"Now, babies, remember when I said I would bring you a surprise when I came home from work?"

The two of them nod and all I can think is why is she not taking them home to give them whatever it is.

"Well." Marie opens the door and burly looking man enters the apartment. His arms and neck are covered in tattoos and there's a jagged scar on his left cheek. He grins at Xander, showing off his yellow teeth. He looks like your stereotypical murderer.

"Dad." Xander's eyes are wide and his skin is pale.

Marie squeals and I look to see her yanking at Mia's arm. "Don't you just love family reunions." Mia just nods. "Oh," Marie reaches into the cleavage of her low cut shirt, pulls out a wad of cash, and hands it to Mia. "This is for you." She then turns to me. "You might want to use your cut to get a gym membership. You're looking a little..." She pauses and thinks for a minute. "Pudgy."

I smile at her. "I think I'll use my cut to buy prenatal vitamins, since, you know, I'm pregnant." I look over at the possible murderer in the apartment and see his eyes roaming all over Mia's tensed body. She must be getting bad vibes from him too. "Speaking of being pregnant I feel really tired, so..." I leave the sentence hanging hoping Marie gets the hint.

She doesn't.

"Oh, I remember when I was pregnant with Xander," She points to Xander's dad." Alec was alway-" A knock on the door cuts her off.

"C-could you open the door, p-please." Mia asks the- Alec.

He opens the door and Mia's eyes widen; before I can see who it is a familiar male voice speaks.

"Oh, I think we have the wrong apartment. We're looking for a Meghan Hume." I feel a burning in the back of my throat and rush to the bathroom. When I'm done vomiting I sat on the floor and stare at the wall. Why can't I catch the break? Last week I was dealing with Isaiah, now this week this.

A few minutes later Mia comes into the bathroom; she doesn't say anything, just looks at me.

"Do you promise not to leave if I come out there?"

"I promise."

A groan escapes my throat and I stand up. We walk into the living room where both my parents are sitting on the couch. When we come into the room they stand, my mom immediately pulls me into a hug.

When she pulls away, her eyes go to my stomach before they snap to my dad. "Harold, she's pregnant."

Both of them study my face, waiting for confirmation.

"I'm fourteen weeks." I tell them.

"Is it that Isaac boy's?" My mother's eyes study mine. She never like Isaiah.

"Isaiah." I correct her. "And, does it matter?"

"Well, obv-"

"Vi," My dad interrupts my mom before turning to me. "I'm sure you are curious as to why we're here."

"I'm not going to lie, I am quite curious as to why you show up at my apartment four years after disowning me."

"Mr. Harrison died last week, his funeral was two days ago." Mr. Harrison was the crotchety guy who lived next door to my parents, he hated everyone and everything.

"Okay?" I wasn't exactly close to the man so I have no idea why they're telling me this.

"No-one in his family came to the funeral. His funeral was just a bunch of people who barely knew him talking about how much they hated him. While at his funeral your mother and I had an epiphany of sorts. When we die, we don't want random people to stand around talking about how much they hate us. We want our family there. Our daughter, our grandchildren." He nods at my stomach.

"Meghan, your father and I know how hard we were on you growing up. We realize we weren't around very often and we want to apologize."

"Weren't around often? You guys were never around." I still remember my sixteenth birthday. They had promised to be there but instead, they flew to Paris to see a friend.

"You're right." My mother concedes. "And we're sorry." The look in her eye looks completely sincere.

"Meghan, your mother and I are hoping you could forgive us and be willing to work on our relationship as a family." His eyes a nearly begging me.

"Okay." I whisper trying to hold my emotions in.

He hesitantly pulls me into a hug and a tear falls from my eye. I don't think he's hugged me since I was ten. When we pull away he blinks the moisture from his eyes. "So am I having a grandson or granddaughter?"

I let out a light laugh while wiping a tear away. "I don't know yet, it's too early." I look at my mom. "I have an appointment on Tuesday if you want to come."

"You tell me where and I'll be there." She smiles at me. I feel like I'm in a parallel world where my parents aren't always focused on work and where they care about whats going on in my life. It feels weird.

Over an hour later my parents leave and I go to Mia's room, finding her laying on her bed.

"You promised you wouldn't leave."

"But I did and you survived." She smirks at me. "The entire wedding party is coming here tomorrow so we can all help Johnathan and Autumn plan the last bit of the wedding. Will you be okay?"

I know what she's trying to ask. Will I be okay with Isaiah being here. "I'll be fine."


I'm not really liking this chapter but I guess it's important.

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