Chapter 38

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The pain I'm feeling right now is like nothing I've ever experienced before.

My insides feel like they're burning. One of the strongest cramps I've ever felt has me on the verge of throwing up.

"Oh god." My grip on Isaiah's hand tightens.

"It's okay," Isaiah whispers into my ear. "They're ten minutes apart." He tells Mia.

"Okay," She breathes. "We're almost there."

Isaiah's hand rests on my stomach and his thumb gently moves back and forth.

"It's going to be okay." He tells me. "It's going to hurt for a few hours then-"

"Isaiah," I interrupt his sweet speech. "Have you ever felt this type of pain before?"

He pauses. "No?"

"Then shut the fuck up!" My hand comes to my mouth in shock as the words register.

Isaiah's wide eyes blink a few times before he changes his tactic. "You look beautiful."

"Thank- ahhh." Another contraction sends searing pain through my entire abdomen.

"We're here!" Mia shouts, stopping the car in front of the hospital's doors. "I'll be back." She jumps out of the car and runs inside the hospital. A few seconds later she comes running out with a nurse who's rolling a wheelchair.

"Hi there," The grinning nurse says after she's opened the car's back door. "Are you ready to have your baby?"

"Please, get him out." I beg as Isaiah gets out of the car. Once he's out, he gently lifts me up and sets me in the wheelchair.

"Okay," The nurse, who's scrubs say Mandy, smiles. "Let's get you to a room."

Not even twenty minutes later I'm in a hospital gown, hooked to an IV, and on the verge of a full-blown panic attack.

"Hey, think about Carter, okay? Think about our baby." Isaiah leans down, kisses my hand and grins.

"Where's Mia?" I ask him and his eyes fill with hurt.

"I'll go find her." He mutters, quickly walking out.

I didn't mean to hurt him; but, Mia was supposed to be here. She promised me.

"I found her." The room door swings open and Mia walks in behind Isaiah.

"Hey." She smiles. "You ready for this?"

"Noooo." Another strong contraction comes, causing me to moan out in pain.

"Okay, it's going to be okay. I'm here and Isaiah's here. I even called your parents, they're in the waiting room."

I give her a sharp look. "And they're staying in the waiting room until you say otherwise."

"Thank you." I reach my hand out to her and she steps forward to take it. "You know even though Isaiah's here, I still need you." Isaiah's head jerks up at the mention of his name. "You're going to have to show him what he has to do."
After finding out I was pregnant Mia read hundreds of books and magazines, wanting to be my support system.

"Well, let's get you situated before doctor Kingsley gets in here."

"Wait- wait a second." Mia makes a face as I squeeze her hand.

"They getting closer together." Isaiah looks horrified.

"Well, that's what happens when someone's in labor." I snap back at his stupid statement. "Aren't you a pediatric nurse? How have you never seen a baby be born?"

"I take care of babies after they're born."

"Isaiah, don't engage. Meghan, scoot forward." Mia says gently.

"I can't fucking move!" When the contraction ends, I take a deep, shaky, breath and scoot my body forward.

"Isaiah, get in the bed behind her."

He gives her a confused look. "What?"

"Cradle her between your legs." She explains.

"Meghan?" He's asking for permission.

"Just do what she says." I breathe.

He slowly walks towards me and climbs into the hospital bed. He gently sits his body behind mine and rests his hands on my sides.

Once he's settled I lean back and rest against his chest. I can feel his heart race like a stampede under his rib cage.

"Hey, you okay?" I look up at him.

"I'm freaking out." He gasps. "We're having a baby."

I grin at the smile of awe on his face. "Yes."

"Yes?" His brows furrow.

"To your question this morning, yes."

His eyes widen. "Yes?"

"Okay, Meghan," The door to the room opens and doctor Kingsley walks in. "Let's get you your baby boy. Isaiah, why are you in my patient's bed?"

"He's the father." I tell doctor Kingsley and she nods.

"Okay then, let's have a look at how it's going." She puts on gloves. "Also, Isaiah, get out of the bed."

"No." I say through gritted teeth as another contraction has me squeezing the blood from Isaiah's hand.

"She wants him to stay there." Mia says, sitting in the chair next to the bed. "He stays there."

"I knew you were going to be trouble." Doctor Kingston says smirking at Mia. "Okay, he can stay there." Her gloves hands lift the blanket that covers my legs.

"Meghan, you're dilated to ten centimeters. I'm going to have you start pushing now okay?"

Shakily nodding, I tighten my grip on Isaiah's hand.

"One, two, three, push."

Using all my strength I push right as another contraction squeezes through my body.

"That was great baby." Isaiah kisses my cheek while I pant, trying to catch my breath from the pain.

"Meghan that was good but I need you to push again."

"I can't." I cry. "It hurts."

"Meghan, I know it hurts but you need to push again."

This process repeats multiple times until I'm both mentally and physically exhausted.

"One more push Meghan. I need one more push before you can have your baby."

An animalistic cry leaves my mouth as my body feels like it's been ripped in half. The end of my cry is drowned out by the sound of a high pitch wail.

A baby's cry, Carter's cry, rings through the room. I watch as doctor Kingston takes him, wipes him off, and wraps him in a baby blanket.

"You have a perfectly healthy baby boy." She grins softly as she hands me Carter. "One nose and ten fingers and toes."

"Hi Carter!" I breathe, tears filling my eyes.

"He's perfect." Isaiah whispers and I look to see tears rolling down his cheeks. "He looks just like me." His arms come around me and he gently places his left hand on Carter's head. "Thank you."

Again, I lean back and let Isaiah's chest support me. Carter's eyes flutter for a moment but remain closed.

Mia suddenly stands. "I'll go tell everyone he's here. You did well." She kisses the top of my head and sneaks out.

"Carter," I look down at our baby while Isaiah kisses my neck. "Mommy and Daddy love you."

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