Chapter 2

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"Cameron?" I state more than ask while looking at the grey eyed man standing a few feet away from me. He honestly hasn't changed at all. Maybe he's gotten a frown line or two and a few grey hairs stand out in contrast to his black hair, but other than that he looks the same as he did five years ago.

Claire James, Cameron's mother, was best friends with Isaiah's mom and the boys were practically raised as brothers. Cameron is four years older than Isaiah but that only added to the brotherly relationship the two of them had. When Isaiah and I broke up I always assumed I wound never see either of them again but I guess fate has different plans.

"Wow Meghan. It's been awhile." He reaches out and pulls me into a small hug then motions for me to sit at the table he's at.

"It has." I say sitting down. "You look good. Got a few greys."

He chuckles. "Yeah, being a billionaire isn't all it's cracked up to be. Your hair is different." He says referring to my naturally red, almost orange, hair that's currently dyed a dark cherry coke color.

"Yeah I wanted to change it up after I graduated, I ended up loving the color and have stuck with it since." I tell him with a smile. "So what are you doing here by yourself?" I ask as he sits down next to me.

"Well I'm actually here with-" A high pitch giggle cuts him off.

"Careful Mel." A deep voice says causing my heart to stop, break, and beat faster in the span of a second.

A gorgeous raven haired woman in a red dress slides into the bench and sits across from me and from the corner of my eye I see Isaiah slide in after her. I turn my head to get a better look at him and see him reaching for a shot glass on the table. He hasn't noticed me yet but as he tilts his head back to take the shot we make eye contact. Liquor is suddenly spewed across the table and the woman next to him erupts into a fit of laughter. Not just ditsy giggles but full on wheezing laughter. Cameron even seems to choke up a bit on his drink. I should find this situation hilarious too but instead I'm too focused on the chocolate brown eyes staring back at my green ones. Cameron may not have changed much but Isaiah sure has. His once scrawny body is covered in muscle and his chestnut hair is longer than he used to keep it.

"That was the funniest thing I have ever seen!" The woman who I assume is 'Mel' says. I can't help but wonder who she is to Isaiah. Is she his girlfriend? Just a friend?

"Hi," She says giving me a small wave then reaches for a shot glass on the table. "I'm Melanie." I notice the giant sparkling engagement ring on her left hand. Did Isaiah give her that? My heart breaks at the thought.


"Mel," Cameron cuts in. "this is an old friend of mine Meghan." He says stressing my name in a funny way. "Meghan this is my sister Melanie. Today is her twenty-fifth birthday and since her fiancé, Jace, is out of town Isaiah and I decided to bring her out to celebrate."

And suddenly I can breathe again. I smile at her. "Happy Birthday." Isaiah still hasn't said anything but from the corner of my eye I can see him staring at me.

"Aw! Thanks!" She laughs. "Wait." She says immediately sobering. "Meghan? As in Amelia's best friend?" She asks glancing slightly at a suddenly tense Cameron who gives a tight nod.

How does she know Mia? "Um, yeah."

"Is she here?"

"Uh, no she's not."

"Oh." She says looking slightly disappointed.

"How is Mia?" Isaiah finally speaks up, still looking at me.

"She's okay." I say avoiding eye contact.

"Only okay?" Cameron asks.

"Yeah these past few years have been rough on her." I glance at Cameron who is staring at me waiting for me to explain further. Mia's gonna kill me if she finds out I talked. "A year after graduation her dad was in an accident, he was paralyzed from the waist down. Two years after that her mom was diagnosed with lymphoma and right after that she broke up with Ryan, some guy she had been dating for three years, after she caught him cheating."

"Who's paying the hospital bills?" Cameron asks, his eyebrows furrowed in concern.

"All I just told you and you wanna know who's paying the bills?"

"No, I have more questions but first I want to know who's paying the hospital bills." He says in a stern business-like voice.

"She is." I tell him. "And the boys. Jonathan's wedding even got called off right after John's accident. He and Autumn's wedding savings barely covered anything. I pitch in when she lets me but she really doesn't like me to. She's working herself to exhaustion. Jonathan too.

"Your parents give anything?" Isaiah asks even though he knows they wouldn't.

"My parents dropped me the same week I dropped Harvard." I try to keep my voice from wavering. "I went for a year but hated it so I can home and my parents cut me off. Haven't talked to them since."

"What hospital are they going to?" Cameron pulls out his phone.

"Why?" I ask feeling fed up with this interrogation. It's three in the morning. I'm tired. I just wanna go home.

"What hospital!?" He shouts looking distressed. A few people around us stop their dancing and stare for a minute.

"Watch it Cameron." Isaiah says sitting up straighter.

"Hopkins." I tell him and watch as he types something on his phone.

"I have a meeting tomorrow afternoon so I need to head home." He says standing up and putting his phone into the pocket of his jeans. "Mel I'll drive you to you home. Meghan, it was good to see you again. I hope to see you soon." And then he walks away.

Melanie stands up. "It was great to meet you Meghan. Let's do coffee soon. Amelia can come too." What is with her Mia obsession? She kisses Isaiah on the head and runs after her brother almost tripping on her own feet. I think she's a little tipsy.

"And then there were two." He says looking at me and all the emotions I've been able to keep at bay are suddenly pressing on my heart.

I stand. "Well, I better head home."

"Wait." He says standing up. "Have a drink with me."

I really don't wanna be alone with him. "Isaiah, I'm tired." And I'm about to have a nervous breakdown just seeing you after five years.

"One drink. Please Meg. We could catch up?" Even in the dark I can see his eyes are pleading.

Say no Meghan. "One drink?" I ask.

"One drink." He confirms.

Bad idea. Say no. "Okay." I say "One drink."

But when is it ever just one drink between two ex-lovers?



I feel so excited about this chapter and I don't know why.

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