Chapter 25

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"What's wrong with you?" I ask my huffing best friend who just threw herself into the couch next to me.

"Friends, Meghan?" She asks. "You agreed to be friends with him?"

"I thought you liked Isaiah?" I think back to all the times she tried to talk about Isaiah and I's breakup being a misunderstanding. Yeah, she was definitely team Isaiah.

"I did." She says. "Until he found out you were having HIS baby and he walked away. And then he wants to act like everything is okay." She scowls. "Like he's not abandoning you or HIS child."

I cringe at how furious she sounds. "About that..." Her scowl turns into a frown.

"What...?" She questions slowly.

"I may or may not have left out the fact that a baby is his..." I squeeze my eyes shut and wait for her to respond. After a minute, I feel her jump of the couch.

"I thought you said he didn't want kids?" She whispers harshly.

My eyes snap open, I see her looking at me angrily and my eyes start to fill up with tears.

"He doesn't." I cry. "He doesn't want kids, that's why I didn't tell him!"

"Maybe he never thought about it." She says. "Maybe if he knows about this baby he'll open his mind to being a father. And maybe he won't, but that doesn't give you the right to not tell him."

She doesn't get it and I don't know how to show her. "What am I supposed to tell my child, that his father knew about him but didn't want him?" My voice breaks.

"Yes, Meghan, if that's the truth." I look away from her and wipe the tears falling down my cheeks. "Are you planning on telling your child that you never told his father about him?"

When I don't answer she scoffs.

"Well, please remember this conversion when this whole thing blows up in your face." She walks out of the room and I'm left alone with my thoughts.


"Students," Mrs. Adams announces. "When you hear your name please take a seat next to your parter. Alice McKinley with Troy Mercer. Clair Eamon with Nadia Athie. Amelia Evans with Ryan Bell.

I frown at Mia when she stands up, she frowns back and gathers up her books.

I zone out listening as Mrs. Adams continues announcing partners. I'm snapped back into reality when I hear my name. "-with Isaiah Hunt." Her finger points behind me. I turn and make eye contact with the dark haired boy behind me.

When I stand, he moves his bag from the seat next to him to the floor, giving me a place to sit.

Isaiah Hunt, our schools next up and coming basketball star. It's only his freshman year and there's already talk of him being captain by his junior- according to Johnathan. I don't know much about him, I've never talked to him; but, I have caught him looking at Mia and I a few times...

From the corner of my eye I see him start to write something, I can't help but watch as his bicep flexes.

"-Thursday?" My eyes find his and I realize he's waiting for an answer.

I blink. "I'm sorry, what?"

He chuckles. "I asked if you were available to meet on Thursday? For the project? It's the only day I'm out of practice early."

"Oh," His eyes watch as a tuck a piece of hair behind my ear. "Yeah, that works."

He blinks twice before clearing his throat. "Great, give me your number and we can work out the details later? I have to get to practice."

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