Isaiah's POV- Graduation Day

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Staring at the object in my hand, I start second guessing myself.

What if she doesn't like it?

Maybe I should have asked Mia for help.

What if she says no?

I go to open the school's door and catch a glimpse outside the window.

All thought suddenly flies out of my head as my brain turns to mush.

I quickly look away as if I've seen something I shouldn't; because I'm sure I have. I'm almost positive that Meghan didn't plan on me seeing her in Jeremy's arms.

Unfortunately, the image of Jeremy's tongue down my girlfriend's throat is already seared into my mind.

After shoving the ring into my back pocket, I sink to the floor.

Part of me wants to go out there and scream until my voice goes fades. It wants to break the arms that are holding my girl.

The other part wants to run. It wants to run and never look back.

"Hey, Isaiah." A girl from the cheer squad grins at me. I wrack my brain, trying to remember her name but come up blank.

"Hey." I don't look at her, hopefully, she'll get the idea I'm not in the mood to talk.

"Where's your girlfriend?" Her question has me gritting my teeth.

Outside, apparently forgetting she's has a boyfriend that's not Jeremy.

Every 'I love you' blurs together. The fist-sized lock tattoo on my chest burns. It hurts.

My mind buzzed with questions. Who long has this been going on? Is it serious? Do I even have a fighting chance?

I can't help but wonder if Meghan would even tell me the truth if I asked.

Probably not.

Was my minds snarky reply.

"Isaiah, are you okay?" Why hasn't she left yet? "You look kind of pale."

I finally look up at her. She's leaning against the wall, her legs crossed, frowning slightly. 

An idea suddenly enters my mind.

After standing up, I glance outside.

Jeremy is nowhere to be seen while Meghan stares at her phone. Suddenly, she grabs her backpack from the ground and walks toward the school. 

Somehow, I know she's coming to look for me.

Quickly spinning around, I grab the cheerleaders wrist and pull her with me.

"Come here."

"Where are we going?" Not answering her, I continue to pull her into the classroom that's nearest my locker. "Kiss me?" I ask her.

Without hesitation, she jumps up and wraps her legs around my waist.

This doesn't feel right. "Wait." I breathe, stopping her before she can kiss me. This is wrong, I can't stoop to her level. Maybe I can win her heart back.

Squeaking shoes and a faint sigh breaks me from my thoughts. The image of Jeremy's arms around Meghan and his lips on hers brings my blood back to its boiling point. 

After knocking a piece of chalk on to the floor, I mutter "Okay."  Immediately, this girl's lips are on mine. 

Footsteps get louder before suddenly stopping. 

She's watching, I know it. Why isn't she saying anything? Why isn't she stopping me? Is this not affecting her enough?

Forcing a moan from the back of my throat, I let the girl continue to kiss me, not open my mouth when her tongue prods my lips. I refuse to taste her.

Seconds later, something clatters on the floor. Turning from the kiss, I glance at what clattered at my feet. My mother's golden locket, which I gave to Meghan last year, lies there. Shoving the legs that are tightly clamped around my waist down, I straighten up, keeping my eyes focused on a small chalk mark.

After a moment, Krissy- that's her name!- Krissy leaves.

Meghan and I stay in deep in silence, neither speaking. I won't start this fight, but once she does- I'll finish it. The silence continues for minutes before Meghan lets out a scoff, walking away.

Is this it? My heart clenches. She didn't even fight, is she that far gone? She gave up so quickly. 

Bending down and picking up the locket, I sit down and look at it. 

A few hours pass and again, questions race through my mind. What happens now? What does this mean? Is this her way of telling me we're over?

Furry suddenly seeps through me and Ibolt after her. No. She doesn't get to give up on me like this. Jeremy doesn't get her, not without a fight from me. Racing out of the school, I jump into my truck and peel out of the parking lot.

Finally making it to her house, I jump out of the truck. 

"Meghan!" I bang on the door. "Open the fucking door!"

There's no sound coming from the house but I continue to bang on the door. 


The door is suddenly jerked open and Meghan's father stands there. I grave look resting on his face. What is he doing here?

My back immediately straightens. "Mr. Hume."

"Isaiah," He nods at me. "Would you mind getting off my porch?"

"I need to see Meghan."

"My daughter," Mrs. Hume suddenly appears in the doorway. "Is not here."

"She and Amelia are taking a drive to Harvard, Meghan is doing an early sign-up for her classes." Mr. Hume explains.

Early sign-up for Harvard? She doesn't want to go to Harvard, she wants to go to NYU- with me. Jeremy's going to Harvard...


"Listen, Isaiah," How is it that they can remember my name when Meghan isn't around? "Meghan was arguing about Harvard but she called us a few hours ago, saying she was going with Amelia to sign up." 

So that's it. It's official.

She chose Jeremy.


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