Chapter 31

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*Friendly heads-up that it's the end of January and Carter is due February 21st. We had a tiny time jump:)*

"Why are we here again?"

"I need to show you something..." She shoves me into Isaiah's house.

"Surprise!" Multiple voices shout around me causing me to squeal and grab my stomach. Warm liquid runs down my legs.

"Did just she just pee her pants?" My cousin, Susie, starts cackling from behind Isaiah's living room couch.

"Yeah, and I got it on video!" Rose laughs.

"Oh honey," Mia's mom, Anne, bites her lip. "That's completely normal this far along."

My eyes are wide and I'm sure my cheeks are scarlet.

"I brought an extra dress just incase you needed." Mia shoves a dress into my hands. "Come on." She starts pushing me towards the where I remember the bathroom to be. She knocks on the door and a voice shouts 'occupied'.

"I don't recognize that voice." I send a curious glance to Mia.

"I don't know, your mom invited a bunch of people." She shakes her head trying to open a locked door. "I invited her to a small baby shower I was throwing for you and she took over."

"Sorry." I mutter, not knowing what else to say as I open the door to Isaiah's room.

"Well, she's your mom so.." She shrugs. "Isaiah offered his house when I told him I was planning one; which was nice..." She's silent for a minute. "You really need to tell him." She whispers, wincing.

"I know." I whisper back. I laugh at her shocked face. I've recently realized just how important Mia is to me. She's always been my best friend, my sister. But I've just stayed thinking about how there for me she's been these past eight months. How even though she doesn't agree with what I'm doing, she's still there for me. "Maybe I'll stay here after the baby shower and tell him?"

"Okay." She nods looking shellshocked. "Good. Great!"

"Yeah..." I try to reassure myself this is good. "Now get out so I can get this dress off."

"Okay." She grins.

When she closes the door I reach behind me and unzip the dress. It was a cute dress; black with many colorful flowers. With great difficulty I take off my black tights and grab the black leggings Mia set on the bed. I slowly pull them on while trying not to fall.

Suddenly the door opens and I spin around bringing my hands up to my chest. Isaiah is already in the room and has the door closed by the time he notices me standing there.

"Oh Go- I'm sorry! I-" He starts stuttering as his face reddens.

"Isaiah, it's okay."

He yanks the door open so quickly it hits him in the face. "Ouch."

"Isaiah! Calm down!" I grab his hand a spin him around. He has a small cut in his forehead. His eyes find mine and they stay there not moving as he takes deep breaths.

"What?" I laugh. "It's not like you haven't seen it before."

Isaiah looks just as shocked as I feel.

"Oh my gosh. I can't believe I just said that."

"I read pregnancy makes you loose your filter." Isaiah says, not taking his eyes from mine. I don't know if I'm offended that he hasn't even glanced at my chest or happy that he can focus on my eyes. Wait...

"You read something about pregnancy?" I question, wondering when he did.

"Yeah, when you told me you were pregnant a got a book." He grins a heart stopping grin.

"Why?" I ask and his grin disappears, a pained smile appears instead.

"I thought he was mine so I went and got a book... among other things."

Ignoring the last part of his sentence, I ask the question that has been bothering me for months. "Isaiah, did you want him to be?" After that one dinner months ago I was so sure he didn't but now I'm not so sure.

"Honestly?" He questions and I nod.

"Meghan!" The door is suddenly yanked open. "Oh! Sorry!" And it's slammed closed again. "Continue!" Mia yells though the door.

"You should probably get out there." He turns around so I can put the new dress on.

"Your head-" I start once I've put on the cream knit dress.

"I'll take care of it. But-" He grabs my arm as I walk out the door. "Can we talk later? Please?"

"Yes." We need to. I need to tell him, I can't wait any longer.

"Okay, go enjoy your party."

When I walk out of the room Mia is standing at the end of the hall.

"You were standing there a leggings and a bra..." she mutters, blinking

"Nothing happened. We're talking later." I put an emphasis on 'talking'.

"Awesome!" She rushes. "Your mother has taken over this baby shower Autumn and I set up and has invited, like, your whole entire family and few people I don't even know." She makes a fun with her thumb and pointer finger and puts it against her temple. "Get out there!"

"Oh, by the way" She calls after me. "All those people out there just saw you pee your pants." She starts laughing so hard her eyes tear up.

"I hate you." I mutter.

"Love you too." She pushes me out into a room full of people.

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