Chapter 10

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The door to the room Mia and I are sitting in is suddenly opened and a blonde doctor who looks to be in her mid-forties walks in.

"Hello, Miss. Hume," she reaches out to shake my hand. "My name is Vanessa Kingston and I'm the head OB here at Hopkins."

"Hi," I shake her hand. "Please call me Meghan, and this is my best friend Mia."

She turns to Mia and shakes her hand, then turns back to me smiling. "Well, let's get a look at your baby. I'm going to have you hop up on the table and lie down. Then I need you to lift your shirt and unbutton your shorts."

I've already filled out tons of paperwork. Nurses have already been in here drawing blood and taking my blood pressure. I've been told all that's is my sonogram. The closer I get to actually seeing the more nervous I get. Nervous, but as terrified as I am I can't help but feel excited.

"Okay." I get up on the table and unbutton my shorts before pulling my shirt up as I lay down.

"So your chart says that your period was supposed to be May eighteenth?"

"Yes." I nod and she types something into her the sonogram machine.

"Okay, so that puts you at eleven weeks and your due date at February twenty-second. Now, are you ready to see your baby?!" She almost shouts.

I feel my eyes widen, her positive attitude is slightly terrifying.

She grabs a paper towel off sonogram stand and looks at me. "So I'm just going to tuck this into your underwear that way the lubricant I have to use doesn't get all over your clothes. Okay?"

I nod then look over to Mia who reaches over and grabs my hand.

"It's going to be okay." She whispers.

"Heads up this is going to be a little cold." Dr.Kingston says, right before squirting some blue gel on my stomach and then a little onto what Mia told me was called a 'transducer'. It just looks like a microphone to me.

I was beyond happy Mia was able to get off work to come with me. Not only because she's my best friend and I wouldn't be able to come by myself; but also, because she had come to checkups with her mom the last few times she was pregnant and was able to tell me everything I should expect.

I look up at the sonogram screen and don't understand what I'm looking at. It looks like a large black circle surrounded by gray. Dr.Kingston has a confused look on her face when she asks, "You said you took two tests, both positives, right?"

I feel my stomach drop at her question and Mia squeezes my hand.

"Y-yes." I stutter feeling the need to cry. I realize at this moment how much this baby already means to me.

The burning in my throat starts to become unbearable when Dr.Kingston breaks my thoughts. "Oh, there's baby." I look up to the screen to see a tiny baby form. Tears fill my eyes and Mia gives my hand a few tight squeezes.

"Looks like baby was just hiding. Ready to hear the heartbeat?"

I nod eagerly as a single tear falls down my cheek.

That's my baby.

A steady lub-dub sound fills the room and I start laughing.

"Nice and strong heart your baby has," Dr.Kingston says smiling at me. "I'm just going to take a few measurements and then we can wipe your stomach off and you will be good to go."

When she turns back to the screen I look at Mia. "Say hi to your godchild."

She scrunches her nose and bites her bottom lip grinning. Her dorky thing she does when she's excited.

She pulls her her chair forward so her face is near my stomach. "Hello, godchild! Auntie Mia is extremely happy to meet you."

The only thing that could make this moment any better would be Isaiah.  'Don't think about him.' I tell myself. 'Let yourself be happy for a minute.' He probably wouldn't want to be here if I told him. 'Enough.'

A minute later Dr.Kingston shits the machine off then wipes the gel off my stomach. "Baby is roughly the size of a lime at one point two inches looks to be developing perfectly. Also, your morning sickness should start to slow down now. I like to see my patients every four weeks during the first few months of pregnancy, so just head to the front desk and set up an appointment for yourself around four weeks from now. And I look forward to seeing you again." She shakes Mia and me's hand again before we leave the room and walk down the hall to the floor's reception desk. Once we made the appointment we get on the elevator to get to the first floor.

"Hey, I have to use the bathroom real fast just one second." I tell Mia before running into the bathroom by the hospital's front entrance.

After quickly peeing and washing my hands I leave the bathroom and see Mia talking to a guy in scrubs. I decide to stay where I am so I don't interrupt them. Her fingers are curling and uncurling showing that she's uncomfortable. I should go recuse her. I step forward and her eyes meet mine and she looks like a deer caught in the headlights. I freeze.

She looks back at the guy and says something, he hands her her phone and he says something in response before turning around and walking away. My jaw drops when I notice who it is.

It's Isaiah. He looks amazing in perfectly fitting scrubs, a chart in one hand and his phone in his other. I hold my breath as he walks past me and am grateful when he doesn't notice I standing like a statue a few feet away. When I see the elevator he got in close I'm finally able to breathe again and I race towards Mia. When I get to her she hands me her phone.

"He gave me his number to give to you."

I stare at her phone like it's the cause of everything wrong in the world.

"Meg, you have to tell him." Mia's eyes are pleading with me.

"I will."

Just not anytime soon. I can't deal with his rejection yet. I just want to be happy at least for a few more weeks.

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