Chapter 28

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"Meghan, darling, how did you get an invitation to a James Thanksgiving dinner?" My mother asks, looking into her compact mirror and wiping a smudge of lipstick from the corner of her mouth.

"Um..." Their son is in love with Mia so Isaiah and I are trying to get them together. "I'm friends with their son so I was invited." Taking a deep breath I press the button for the bell which rings through the whole house.

"You're friends with their son? The one who's taking over the family's business?" My father stands still while my mother fixes his tie.

"The one and only." I tug my navy knee length dress down so it fits comfortably around my bump.

The large glass door suddenly swings open. The James' family butler, Alan, stands there his head held high.

"Hi Alan." I walk into the house, my parents following after me.

"Good evening Miss. Meghan, Mr. and Mrs. Hume." He nods at my parents. "All of the James guests are meeting in the foyer."

"Mia here yet?" I ask Alan as he takes my coat.

"The Evans family has arrived and is in the foyer." He responds, moving to take my parents coats.

"Thank you Alan." A familiar voice says. "I'll show the Humes to the foyer."

"Mr. Hume, how are you?" He stretches his hand out to shake my fathers.

"Ah, Isaac. I'm doing well." Isaiah bites his lip and gives my father a tight smile.


"How are you Isaac?" My mother asks him, smiling sweetly. It makes me want to smack her, I know she knows his name.

"I'm doing fine, Mrs. Hume." She nods back at him then grabs my father's arm and walks towards the foyer.

When they leave Isaiah turns around, allowing me to get a good look at his black suit. Without thinking I reach up and straighten his bow tie which was slightly crooked.

When it's straight my hand freeze, not knowing what to do with themselves. Isaiah clears his throat and my hands jerk to my side.

"Thanks you." He tries to look into my eyes but I avoid his gaze as my cheeks flush.

"Meghan!!!" I hear Mia squeal right before scrawny arms wrap around from behind me. "And baby Carter!" Her hand starts for my bump but I smack it away.

"No touchy."

Mia makes a hissing sound and a clawing motion. She's smiles slightly when she notices Isaiah and my heated cheeks.

"Well, I'm glad you're here because there are a lot of people here." Her eyes widen. "Fancy people." She whispers the last two words, her hands wiping down the side of her floor length burgundy dress.

"Meghan, I'm glad you could make it." Cameron walks up from behind Mia.

I turn from Mia and pull him into a hug. "Hey Cameron."

"How's your baby?" He aka pulling away from the hug.

"He's good. I'm just getting out of my second trimester and Carter is practicing breathing."

He doesn't look surprised learning it's a boy. I assume Isaiah already told him. "Can babies do that?" He asks. "You know, breathe before actually coming out?"  He looks genuinely curious.

Mia giggles. "Yes, babies breathe in and out the amniotic fluid to practice breathing." She smiles at him.

"Oh." Is all he says looking completely stupefied by Mia.

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