Chapter 39

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"Release the hounds." I tell Mia and Isaiah chuckles. She rolls her eyes and opens the door to the room.

My mom walks in with my dad. They're followed by Isaiah's parents Rita and Ian.

"Isaiah." Rita gasps. "Why am I just now learning about my grandson?" She looks hurt and it breaks my heart that I've done that to her. "And Meghan," Her eyes fill with tears. "Sweetheart, we've missed you."

"Rita," I look at the woman who was a mother to me. "I'm sorry."

"Mom, Meghan and I wanted to keep this private. No-one knew okay?" Isaiah cuts in for me. "Well, aside from Mia and Cameron."

"We knew." My mother opens her mouth and Isaiah sighs. The hurt in Rita's eyes, which momentarily disappeared, returns.


"What? I'm just saying we knew you were pregnant."  I grit my teeth together, if I hadn't just birthed a seven and a half pound baby, I would get out of this bed and smack her.

"You knew she was pregnant but you didn't know it was my baby. And you didn't know we were getting married." Isaiah shocks all of the parents and my eyes widen.

"You two are getting married?" Rita squeals, grabbing Ian's hand. Ian claps his son on the back. "We're proud of you."

"Meghan, don't you think you're rushing this a little?" My father asks, staring down Isaiah. My jaw drops, Isaiah scoffs, and Mia stands up.

"Out." Mia deadpans. "Think about what you just said in the waiting room."

"Meghan," My father looks at me, waiting for me to say something.

"You're in here to meet your grandson, I tell you I'm getting married to his father and you immediately question me. You can't accept Carter if you can't accept his father so, get out."

"Meghan," My father sighs. "We're just looking out for you. Your mother and I may not have been around a lot, but we did notice a difference in you after the two of you broke up."

"Mr. Hume," Isaiah steps away from me, towards my father. "I made a mistake then, one I will spend the rest of my life making up for. I promise I will not make that mistake again. I love your daughter and I love my son." He holds his hand out for my father to shake. I hold my breath as my father stares at Isaiah's hand.

"Welcome to the family, Isaiah." My father firmly shakes his hand.

"Can we meet our grandson now?" Rita asks softly, looking at the bundle in my arms.

"This," I lift a sleeping Carter up, making sure to support his head. "Is Carter James Hunt."

Isaiah, his eyes full of pride, lifts his son from my arms. Gently, he hands Carter to Rita, then comes to sit in the bed next to me.

"Oh," Rita breathes, grinning ear to ear. "He's beautiful. Isaiah, honey, he looks just like you!"

"He has Meghan's chin." My mother stands next to Rita, a small smile on her face.

"Ian, look at our grandson."

"I'm looking!" Ian laughs, petting the top of Carter's head. "He's pretty small, just like Isaiah was."

"He's definitely just like his father." I grin and Isaiah presses his lips to my temple. "Athletic too. He never stopped kicking."

"How was the birth, honey?" Rita asks me, placing a kiss on Carter's forehead before handing him to my mother.

"Something I never want to experience again." I laugh, which causes my sore body to ache. "But-"

"Never?" Isaiah's head jerks so fast he almost falls off the bed.

"Isaiah," Rita scolds. "Let her finish."

"But," I emphasize. "I guess I could bear it a few more times if it means a few more Carters. In a few years of course."

"I can live with that." Isaiah laughs, pulling me into his chest.

"Knock, knock." Autumn peeks her head into the room. "Oh, family only, sorry."

"Don't apologize Autumn." I laugh at her embarrassed face. "You know you're family."

"Where's the beautiful baby?" She walks into the room and the first thing I notice is the loose shirt she's wearing. She notices my smirk and her eyes widen.

"Darling," My mother hands Carter to me.  "Your father and I both need to get to work, but we'll be back tomorrow. Okay?"

"Bye ." I nod and she pats my shoulder. "Bye, dad."

"Bye Darling." He waves and follows my mom out of the room.

Isaiah clears his throat. "I guess they're trying?"

"They called you Isaiah, what more do you want?" I giggle sarcastically.

"This is true..." He nods thoughtfully.

"They don't call you Isaiah?" Rita questions, frowning. "What do they call you?"

"Isaac?" Isaiah scratches his head and laughs.

"They- I- Why?" Rita stutters, probably shocked by the way my parents treat her son.

"They were always working. They didn't know me well enough to remember my name." Isaiah lies, saving face for my parents.


"Hello?" The door opens and Cameron walks in. "Sorry, I was in a meeting in London."

"Well," Rita grins. "Your father and I will get out of the way but we will be back in a few hours. We have a lot of catching up to do." She winks at me.

She and Ian both hug their son. Ian them pats my hand and Rita kisses the top of my head. "We'll be back."

Cameron walks towards me and Isaiah takes Carter from my arms. "Cameron meet your nephew Carter James Hunt."

"Carter James," Cameron laughs cradling Carter in his arm. "I like that name." He coos at Carter. "Yes, I do."

Mia smiles softly at him but he's too focused on Carter to see it. 

"Hey," Isaiah breaks the daze Mia had fallen into and she jumps. "When are the two of you going to have a baby?" He asks Autumn and Johnathan.

Autumn's cheeks turn red and Johnathan grins. "Well, since you asked..." Johnathan starts and Autumn smacks his chest.

"I knew it!" Mia shouts and Carter jumps awake in Cameron's arms. "Sorry."

Carter lets put a high-pitched wail and a panicky looking Cameron hands him to me.

"Hey, Carter, it's okay." I whisper soothingly and bounce him softly. "Momma's got you. Shhhh."

Carter's wail quickly comes to a stop and his eyes flutter open.

"I knew it!" Mia whispers, excitedly.

"You hear that Carter?" Isaiah leans down and whispers. "You're going to have a friend the play within a few months."

"Congratulations you two!"

Autumn grins at me. "Congratulations to you two too!" She laughs.

"Look, Carter," I hold him up for a second. "This is your family."

While I watch Johnathan, Autumn, Mia, and Cameron fawn over Carter. Isaiah leans over and brushes my cheek with his nose. I turn my face towards him and his lips capture mine, in a sweet, short kiss.

"I love you." I tell him, breaking our kiss.

He grins his heart-stopping grin and whispers into my ear. "Who'd have thought this is where we'd be After Five Years?"



*I feel like this is a crap ending but get over it.*

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