The Battle of the Returned

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"never make fun of him..." I say as I charge at him with swift strikes from everywhere as he dodges and flash-steps to dodge them

"wait flash-stepping?" I tell myself as I stop attacking and face him as he looks at me with a smile on his face but Ren and Nora sneak up on him but he still faces me

"how do you know how to flash-step?!?!" I yell at him as he just chuckles

"who knows maybe its where I got these weapons" he says as he pulls out all of Y/n's weapons and messes with them

"w-wait you took his powers?" I ask trying to distract him as Yang comes from behind him

"hehe we will never know shortie" he says while he moves his head to the side dodging Yangs attack as he wraps his chains around her arm and flings her at me which I catch her but it eliminates the both of us

"DAMN IT DAMN IT DAMN IT" Yang yells as she hits the floor and goes to watching the battle

"hmph couldn't even beat lil ol me with your rage bombshell?" He insults Yang who wants to charge at him but knows she cant

"how about this...we start over and if you beat me I will tell you who I am" he says as everyone gets back onto the stage and gets our weapons read

"how are we able to defeat him?" everyone asks me as I think of a plan

"how about we don't let him take a break?" I say as they all look at me weirdly as I bring them into a huddle

Your POV

"thats good they are getting smarter" you say in your head as they spread out and get their weapons ready

"whats cha gonna do this time? bore me to death?" you says Weiss and Jaune charges at you as you swing your chain scythe only to have them stop and jump back into the circle and I feel a punch hit my back as I get launched towards Ruby who gets ready to swipe me but I pull out my katana to slash the air creating a portal for me to go through as I land back in the middle but before I could land Weiss and Blake shoot at me forcing me to block and create more portals to dodge and avoid but I feel yet another punch land on my back as I look back and see Yang standing their with a smirk as I was about to flash-step only to feel a hammer land on my back as I try to dodge but I get launched into the air as Ren and Pyrrha fire all their shots at me as I get hit for a few minutes

"so simple and yet so powerful" you chuckle as you activate another one of your semblances and slash everywhere while having you arms looking like a blur opening 100 portals which trap everyone and you inside a dome of portals as you just chuckle and slash one time as it goes throuhg a portal but comes out as 10 more which multiple from 10's, 50's, thousands, hundred thousands and so on when it just becomes a dome of pure carnage as it destroys both the teams as you stand their and laugh

"easy..." you say as you look at your aura for it to go to 25% left as you just chuckle to yourself as you look towards the teams who look at you amazed 

"hehe sorry I guess it was just a reflex" you say as you give them a warm smile as it brings back memories of you and how you affected their lives as they all get up and walk towards you still gripping their weapons as they want to still fight but Ruby says something out loud

"Y-y-y/n?" Ruby asks as you just smile and bow to them as they drop all their weapons and start to cry as they look at you as and you held your arms out expecting a hug but nothing came as you put your arms down, their boyfriends come from behind them as you look at them

"you gents must be their girlfriends?" you ask as they just nod at you as you just bow to them

"make sure you take care of them alright?" you say as you finish the bow and walk towards where Glynda stands and flash-steps in front of her as she just looks at you with a hateful and sad look as she looks down trying to hide her tears but you pull her into a hug as she hugs back and cries into your chest as you pat her head

"im sorry for being so rude.." you say as she just softly punchs your chest as you look down at her crying face 

"i-its ok but never do that again ok?" she says while crying but you wipe those tears and kisses her forehead and she regains her composure and looks at you as you smile and look at your girlfriends

"hehe seems like you guys have moved on must mean I need to to" you say as you walk off into the halls 

Ruby POV

"it was him....hes back I wish I could just hug him and kiss him forever but I can't" I say in my head as tears fill my eyes as I hear Y/n talk about moving on as he turns and walks into the halls

Blake POV

"I want to hug him..I want to keep him with me for the rest of time....but.......that can't happen anymore I am seeing Sun now....but.....I wish I wasn't just for him.." 

Pyrrha POV

"he's..back again and he used that stupid name again and fooled me again....I wish I could just of ran to him and gave him a hug but I didnt', i wish I could just beat him up and kiss him after but....I can't.........Y/n....I missed you"

Weiss POV

"my love has come back..but now father has accepted Neptune into the family.....I don't think I'll ever be happy again knowing that Y/n is right there ready to hug me but I must restrain myself no matter how much I want it" I say as I start to cry as Neptune hugs me and I cry into his chest but it isn't the same as when you hug her

Yang POV

"he's back............he's back.........I want to hug him, I want to kiss him, I want him to embrace me...but....thats in the past and now I tried to move on thinking that I won't see him again but he is there....ready to embrace us but I can't"

Nora POV

"he back..HES BACK YAY....but.......I can't engulf him in a hug like those times.....I thought I could move on thinking I won't think about him again but yet there he was wanting to embrace us but we refused....Y/n im so sorry"

Your POV

"im so sorry girls" you say as tears drip down your cheek as you walk down the halls and into the darkness

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