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/// Alyssa's POV///

I woke up in the hospital bed, I could feel a bandage wrapped tightly around my stomach, a blanket covering it. There was an IV in my arm, and the finger things to check your heart. I moved my head to the side to see Sam slouched in his chair sleeping like he's been here all night.

The door opened revealing the pack doctor with his clip board. His name tag read 'Doctor Marvin'.

Doctor Marvin, " Great, Ms. Luna's awake." He cheered happily. I heard Sam stir in his sleep, he looked up tiredly.

Sam, " Is Aly going to be ok?" He asked in his deep voice.

Doctor Marvin, " Yes Alpha. She is making great progress. She can go home today." He smiled.

Sam, " Good." He said as Marvin took the IVS out of me and the finger heart thingy, he helped me sit up.

Doctor Marvin, " Now Ms. Luna, you want to take it easy. Your stomach is still bad but not as bad. I gave Alpha Sam your medicine to take each morning and night. No running, no exercise, just staying in bed and some walking to get the blood moving around, ok?" He said nicely.

Me, " Thank you Doctor Marvin."

Doctor Marvin, " Anything for the Luna and Alpha. You guys can come to the from desk and get your other medicine." He left out the door.

I looked up to find Sam's face facing mine. His hands on my hips in one swift movement.

Sam, " Oh baby... I thought I... lost--you-- I would-- have... never--"

I cut him off, " Shh. Baby, I'm right here, I ain't goin' anywhere. I'm staying right next to you."

I leaned up to kiss him lightly. He pressed his mouth harder on mine, my arms traveling up to his fore arms. We pulled away breathlessly.

Sam chuckled, " Come-on, princess. Let's get you home." He helped me off the bed and walked slowly with me.

Doctor Marvin handed us a paper bag with my medicine in it. I carefully sat in Sam's car, his hand resting on mine. We soon reached the pack house, he picked me up bridal style way, my stomach hurt a little but it was bearable.

The wolves were happy to see us, well I guess me because Sam said that they were in pain with their Luna gone. He carried me to his bed and set me nicely down, while he covered me in blankets.

Sam, " Princess, I'm going to take a shower, ok?" He kissed my forehead.

I closed/open my eyes from time to time. He finally came out with just shorts. Man did he look good! His abs all toned and firm, his muscles too big for any of his shirts.

Sam, " Are you done checking me out?" He smirked at me.

I blushed cherry red, " What? No."

He laid next to me, he snuggled closer until my head was on his chest and his arm around my waist.

Me, " Sam, I didn't know that you snuggle?" I said shocked.

Sam blushed, " Shh, no one knows." I giggled letting my eyes close and drifting off into a deep sleep.


I woke up the next morning to find Dylan's face right in front of mine. He made a silly/scary face that caused me to scream and I punched him in the cheek and he fell to the floor. Sam was on all fours, on top of me, growling at the imposter who was in here.

Dylan, " Hahaha. Alyssa, you should've saw your face! It was priceless." He laughed.

Sam stood came off the bed and put his hand on Dylan's shoulder firmly.

Sam growled, " Dylan, watch your self." Dylan nodded quickly before exciting the room with a 'kick-me' sign on his back.

Me, " Did you do that?" I asked pointing I the sign.

Sam smirked, " I would do anything to make my mate laugh and putting a kick me sign on her brothers back was worth it."

He bent over me his face above mine as he stared into my eyes.

Sam, " Alyssa... I love you." He said with passion.

I blushed, " I love you too Samuel." I used his real name so that he knows I love him.

I looked into his eyes as he pressed his lips on mine. The kiss was quick, until he pulled away and headed to take a shower. I slowly got up, and headed into the kitchen. I was greeted by many wolves, they were happy to see me alive and not dead.

I walked outside in the fresh air blowing around me.

Voice, " So your alive." I turned around to find Jackson with his hands in his pockets.

I giggled, " Yes I am. I haven't seen you in like..."

Jackson, " Forever." He finished.

Me, " Yeah. Were you there during the..."

Jackson, " Battle? Yeah."

Me, " Did you..."

Jackson, " Get hurt? No."

Me, " Are you going to keep finishing my sentences or are you going to let me speak?"

Jackson chuckled, " I miss your humor... until you tossed me aside for Sam."

I lowered my eyes, " I'm sorry about hurting you. I couldn't stand--"

Jackson, " To not be without him? Because he's your mate?" He asked painfully.

Me, " Yes. Dam and I belong together."

I lifted my eyes back and Jackson had moved right in front of me. I jumped with surprise.

Jackson, " Alyssa, I know that you have a mate but you belong with me. And I don't care if I get banished from this pack because I'm in love with the Luna. I'm not afraid to admit my feelings. Please pick me."

He took my hands in his, he leaned in so that our noses were on either side of each other. He was about to kiss me when I heard a loud snarl. I knew who it was.


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