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/// Alyssa's POV///

The nurse urged, " Push. Your doing good darling. Almost there! One more push." I squeezed Sam's hand which started turning purple, he looked like he was going to pass out.

I pushed one more time and then there was a baby cry. I threw my head on the pillow of relief, Sam kissed my cheek. I think he just did that because I let go of his hand.

Nurse, " It's a baby girl!" she squealed, " I'm going to get her ready for you guys." She left with all the other nurses.

I sighed in relief, " It's a girl."

Sam smiled, " Another pup. Jackson you can come in with the boys now." he turned to the door.

Jackson walked in holding my boys. Oh I forgot to tell y'all. This new baby is my third pup! During my first pregnancy I gave birth to, two healthy twins. They were both boys, Dakota and Dallas.

Dakota was 10 seconds older than Dallas, they looked exactly the same, black hair and green eyes. They learned how to walk but they were still a little shaky, and they were 11 months old.

Dakota, " Mommy! Daddy!" Jackson placed them in my arms. He has been babysitting them ever since I went into labor.

Jackson, " So... how's your new pup?" He looked down. After he found out that I was pregnant, he went mad. He broke everything in his room, he left for months and came back acting weird.

Sam snarled, " It's a girl." He was getting into protective pup and mate mode.

The nurse came in side with my baby in her arms wrapped in a blanket. Jackson picked up Dakota and Dallas back in his arms. She handed our new pup in my arms, she was beautiful with dark chocolate hair and hazel eyes.

Sam touched her head, " She's beautiful." She smiled at Sam, with her little cheek dimples.

I cried and laughed, " Hi my baby girl, Rebecca. For short we'll call you Becky." She looked at Jackson her eyes sparkling. Then something happened.

Jackson growled, " Mine!" He set my boys down and raced to me trying to yank her away. Sam was up and had him pinned against the wall, holding his neck.

The door burst open, Dylan and Piper raced in shocked. Dylan ran to Sam trying to pull his fingers away as Jackson and Sam growled at each other.

Piper picked up my boys, " I take them." I nodded in agreement as she walked out the door with my boys crying for me.

Dylan, " Sam let go. Your going to kill him!" He tried pulling on Sam's arm but it was useless.

Me, " Sam let go." Sam snapped at Jackson with his teeth but reluctantly let go and walked to me.

Jackson, " Mine. My mate! Mine!" He shouted but was held back by Dylan.

Sam, " She's not yours!" he roared.

Me, " Jackson... is she your mate?"

Jackson nodded longingly, " Mine. My Becky."

I laughed, " Very well." I kissed Becky's forehead and handed her to Jackson.

Sam, " No! Aly don't!" But I gave her to Jackson.

Becky squealed with delight and held her hands up to touch his face. I knew they were going to be so cute together!

~~~ 5 months later~~~

I whined, " Becky! Please go to sleep!"

Becky, " N-na." She pouted pointing out the door. I knew she wanted to sleep with us, she hated sleeping alone. She is so like Sam!

I sighed and carried her to our room, Dakota and Dallas waddled after me tugging on my pants.

Dakota, " Mommy! I wanna sweep-- with... u."

Dallas, " Meeeee... too." They both tugged I couldn't say no to them. They were so cute!

Me, " Ok ok. Come on." I motioned them to come with me.

I opened the door to our room, Sam was laying on the bed waiting for me.

Sam raised his eye brow, " Hi princess, you know that you look ho--" he was tackled by Dallas and Dakota.

Becky squealed, " Da---d...a!"

Sam, " What's this?" he laughed.

Me, " Our pups wanted to sleep with us for the night." I set Becky next to Sam.

Dallas yelled, " YEAH!"

Sam, " Dally, shh." Sam put his finger to his lips, Dallas copied him.

We all laid down together, our kids in the middle. I knew this was going to be a perfect family. I soon fell asleep peacefully.


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