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/// Sam's POV///

~~~ 2 weeks later~~~

The rogues having been crossing out lands constantly now. A wolfs mate was killed in one of the attacks, he later died in pain of his mate now gone. I have lost one wolf and their mate now, the rogues keep coming and I know why.

They are after Alyssa. I don't know why but they are. I would protect her in any way even if it means dying for her.

I sat in my office doing some paper work. Drew walked in the room, Ryder growled.

Me, " What now?" I sneered.

Drew, " You baby. Anyway, I know that you are trying to figure out how to save Alyssa from those rogues." She raised an eyebrow.

Me, " How can I save her?" I said.

Drew, " Reject her." I couldn't believe she just said that.

Me, " Uh no. I'm not going to reject her." I said sternly.

Drew, " You heard me. It's the only way to save and protect her from them."

Me, " No! I'm not rejecting her! I can protect her if she is here with me."

Drew laughed, " Oh Sam. Do you want to save your pack or Alyssa?"

Me, " Both."

Drew, " Well then, the only way to do that is to reject her. When you reject her she will leave you, they will realize that Alyssa is somewhere and can't find her, the rogues will stop attacking. You will go back to your lives." She smiled.

The plan wasn't that bad.

Me, " But then they will go after her and she won't let me protect her and they will kill her."

Drew, " Yeah. But when you ambush the rogues, you can take Alyssa back and everything will be back to normal."

Me, " What's the angle?" I raised an eyebrow.

Drew, " No angle. I'm just being nice. Think about what I said." She left.

Ryder, " I don't trust Gwen and Drew." He said.

Me, " Yeah. But maybe it would work."

Ryder, " Your seriously going to reject your mate?!" He questioned.

Me, " All I care about is Aly being safe. Protected. Away from harm, she would be safe."

Ryder, " Really? Safe? What if she ends up with another guy. Would you like to see your mate in the arms of another man? Do you? This is what will happen if and when you reject her." He snarled.

Me, " Your right. She could end up in the arms of another, I won't reject her." I promised.

Ryder, " Good."

The door creaked open, I turned my head and smiled. Aly stood at the door way, in shorts and a gray shirt. Her brown hair in a pony tail. She walked to me.

Me, " Hi baby." I purred.

Aly, " Hi." She giggled. She crawled into my lap until she was straddling me. She placed her hands on the side of my neck and kissed my lips. Ryder responded by moving my hands on her hips pressing them harder on me. I licked her bottom lip, her mouth opened. She groaned when I rocked her hips on me. She kissed down my neck.

Suddenly my mind went blank like I had no control over what I do or say.

Me, " Alyssa Shimmers, I Sam Strike, reject you as my mate." I said, and wished that I hadn't said that.

She froze.

She looked at me with hurt in her eyes.

Aly, " Why?"

Me, " I just don't want you." Someone was controlling me to say things that I didn't want to.

Her eyes started to tear up.


Aly was going to say something but she hopped off of me and walked away.

My mind snapped back as if that person wasn't controlling me any more.

Me, " Aly, baby. I'm sorry. Baby, let me explain." I turned her around to face me, tears streamed down her cheeks.

Alyssa, " Get off of me!" She shoved me off of her but I caught her wrist.

Alyssa, " I said 'GET OFF'!" She shouted, and I flew back away from her.

There was so much power in her voice that it pushed me, the Alpha, away.

She ran out the door crying, I wanted to chase her and make her forgive me but something held me back. It was the mate bond, it was barely held together by a thread.

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