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/// Alyssa's POV///

I felt Sam leave the bed, he must've had a pack meeting or something so I just snuggled into his pillow inhaling his scent. I was having good sleep when my wolf, Glimmer, growled.

Me, " What now?" I grumbled.

Glimmer, " How dare she!!?!" She snarled.

Me, " What? Who!?" I mumbled into my pillow.

Glimmer, " Gwen is touching our mate!" She yelled.

I sat up, " Gwen? Who's Gwen?!" I rubbed my head.

Glimmer, " Drew's wolf. Drew and Gwen are here! They are touching our mate." She shouted angrily.

I hurried out of the room, Glimmer pulled my to where she found Ryder. Ryder was Sam's wolf. I slammed the door open Drew had her hand rubbing his chest and purring at him, Sam jerked away looking at me. I pushed him out of the way, grabbed Drew by her pretty little pony tail and hauled her out the front door throwing her on the yard.

Me, " STAY THE HECK AWAY FROM HIM!!" I shouted in her face with so much power there was a hint of fear in her eyes but quickly recovered in disgust. She sneered at me and drove away in her car.

I stomped back to Sam, he told me what happened but I didn't care. I walked back to the house and slammed the door.

I started cooking with a few other girls for the wolves, I could feel Sam walk in staring at me. I just pretended that he wasn't there, he stared at me for a while before walking deeper into the house.

Glimmer, " Yes! We kicked Gwen's butt!" She squealed with delight.

Me, " Yeah, I'm pretty sure Sam enjoyed Gwen and Drew touching him." I grumbled.

Glimmer, " No he didn't enjoy it. Ryder was in a argument with Gwen, he called me." She said happily.

Me, " Yeah right." I snorted.

Glimmer, " No. Sam and Drew were arguing and Ryder and Gwen were fighting. He called onto me, making sure that I was safe and told me to stay put but nope. I didn't listen, I went and saved him and kicked some butt!" She giggled happily.

~~~ 30 minutes later~~~

I was sitting on the couch texting away, when a guy came in the living room. He had brown hair swept to the side, his eyes were chocolate brown. Even though I have a mate, which I'm ignoring now, but the guy was hot. I couldn't say this in front of Sam he would kill the guy.

Guy, " Hi Ms. Luna."

Me, " Ugh, why do people call me that?!" I groaned.

He chuckled, " Well you are the Alpha's mate so that makes you the Luna." He snickered.

Me, " Who are you, boy." I walked over to him.

Guy, " Jackson." He smiled.

Me, " Well, Jackson, I'm Alyssa." I shook his hand.

Jackson, " Your cute and funny." He kissed my hand like a gentlemen. I blushed, when there was a low deathly growl. Sam came in behind Jackson, he grabbed me by the waist and pulled me to him tightly.

Sam, " I tell you to come in here, make sure she is safe and you already start flirting up a storm and kissed her hand." He glared at him, Jackson had fear in his eyes, he looked at me and then left.

I pushed out of his firm grip.

Me, " Get off of me." I snarled.

Glimmer groaned, " Alyssa! Listen to what he has to say! Ryder told me the whole story!"

Me, " Hey! I want to hear it from Sam!"

Sam looked hurt, " What baby?"

I glared at him, " Don't 'baby' me! You know what you did!"

Sam, " I don't know, honestly."

Me, " Whatever. You were in a room, alone, with Drew while she was petting you and in response you were purring at her touch." I crossed my arms.

Sam looked shocked, " I wasn't purring at her touch. She was! I pulled away before you came in."

I just glared at him, " You just keep telling your self that." I patted his shoulder and started walking away.

He grabbed my waist pulling me backwards and kissed me. My arms were folded against his chest, my hands were pounding on his chest. I squirmed trying to break free but I soon gave in. He pulled away breathlessly, looking into my eyes.

Sam, " I'm sorry, babe." He stroked my check with his fingers.

Me, " It's fine."

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