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/// Alyssa's POV///

I ran as fast from the pack house as I could. I just couldn't wrap my mind around Sam rejecting me. I mean he accepted me but I don't know what happened he just rejected me! I hated him and I will always hate him. Well he will just have to live with it now.

I stopped at the cliff, maybe I should just kill my self so that he won't have to see me. I felt tears coming down as my cheeks as Glimmer spoke.

Glimmer, " Alyssa! What are you doing!? Don't do this!" She screamed.

Me, " Obviously Sam doesn't want me as his mate. So why should I be dwelling when I could just end my life." I stated.

I was just about ready to jump when someone grabbed my arm. I whipped around punching the person square in the mouth. He fell with a thunk on the floor.

Boy, " WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT FOR?!" He shouted at me clutching his mouth. I realized that it was Jackson!

Me, " Sorry Jackson. I thought you were Sam." I helped him up.

Jackson, " Oh, you didn't want him to save you because he rejected you and you didn't want to live anymore." He guessed.

Me, " How do you know that?"

Jackson, " He mind linked us that he had just rejected his mate and that everyone had to be on high alert and bring you back so that he could apologize."

Me, " Oh. Whatever. I don't care and you will certainly not turn me in! Is that clear!" I demanded.

Jackson, " Yes ma'am. Man you can really punch."

Me, " Sorry." I kissed the spot where I punched him to make it feel better.

Jackson, " Thanks for the kiss." He smiled man he was cute.

Me, " Well thanks for the tip... bye!" I started walking away.

Jackson, " Wait! Where are you going?" He ran up to me blocking my path.

Me, " I'm leaving. What's it look like?" I stood with my hands on my hips.

Jackson, " You can't just leave! You need someone to protect you!"

Me, " Really? Didn't I just punch the 3rd in command."

Jackson, " Touché. But still you can't go out there alone!"

Me, " Oh really? I think I can make it. I can run faster than you."

Jackson, " Oh your on. We both have to run to the other side of the cliff. If you win then you get to leave but if I win you have to stay here. Deal." He smirked.

Me, " Deal." We shook hands, and shifted into our wolf forms.

His wolf was a deep chocolate brown, mine was pure white and had gold on the tip of my tail. On my paws I had gold, and I had gold shaped into a diamond on my head.

Jackson, " Wow. Your wolf is beautiful." He said in mind link.

Me, " Thanks, I like how yours is a deep brown."

Jackson, " Thanks. Ready. Set..."

Me, " GO!" We both bolted fast leaving dust in the air.

I admit he was fast, but I was faster! We stayed head to head, but then he started to snicker and run faster till half of his body was in front of me. I sprinted faster, passing him and dodging tree branches till I reached the end of the cliff. I won!

Me, " Yes! I won! Beat that!" I said happily.

Jackson, " Whatever." He grumbled changing back into his wolf form, me doing the same.

Me, " I'd told you that I'd win." I cheered.

Jackson, " Your right. You are free to go where you please. It's just... don't do anything stupid... be safe... and I will miss... oh what the heck..."

He trenched forward to me. He immediately grabbed my face in his hands and pressed his lips hard on mine. It felt weird though, Glimmer was all happy. She never gets happy unless it's Sam kissing me but she got happy. He pulled away staring at me intentionally with his big brown eyes.

Me, " Maybe I'll stay for a few days." I giggled.

Jackson smiled.

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