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/// Sam's POV///

I got up from the bed, she snuggled into my pillow. I wanted her and I almost took her last night but she stopped me. I walked down the hall when someone grabbed the collar of my shirt pulling me into a room. I glared at Drew while she held my shirt tightly.

Me, " What do you want?!" I growled.

Drew, " Isn't it obvious? You." She purred stroking her hand against my chest.

Me, " Get a clue, I don't want you and I never will." I jerked away from her.

Before she could come any closer the door slammed open revealing a very mad Alyssa. She pushed me out of the way causing me to stumble backwards, she grabbed Drew by her hair and started pulling her out the door. She threw her out in the front yard.

Alyssa, " STAY THE HECK AWAY FROM HIM!" She shouted in her face.

Drew sneered before leaving in her car and drove away. I stood shocked. Alyssa walked right up to me, glaring with a death look.

Alyssa, " What were you doing in a room with Drew? Alone!?" She growled.

Me, " She came onto me, and I pushed her away then you came in." I said holding my hands up.

Alyssa, " Whatever." She stomped towards the house and slammed the door.

I walked back inside, Alyssa was cooking with a few other girls, she wouldn't even look at me. I walked into the office where all my warriors, beta, and 3rd in command waited.

Warrior, " Did Ms. Luna seriously throw Drew out?" He gasped. I nodded.

Another warrior, " Drew should've seen that coming." He laughed.

Me, " Yeah yeah laugh all ya want. Now Aly is mad at me." I grumbled.

~~~30 minutes later~~~

Me, " How many have crossed our lands?" I asked.

Dylan looked at the paper, " 12."

Me, " Those stupid Rogues!" I growled.

Jackson, " They keep coming back everyday, we caught one and he said that she wouldn't live when they finally attack." He said. He was my 3rd in command.

Me, " Who?" I asked anxiously.

Jackson, " I don't know. But he said that it would cause you and the pack great pain." He said looking back into the folders. I thought about it, the room was silent.

Me, " How can't hat be? No other mate or female can cause me or the pack great pain. The only person that can cause us pain... Oh no..." I said worriedly.

Warrior, " What is it Alpha?" He stepped closer.

I looked up from my shock, " They are after Alyssa. Your new Luna." I said.

Dylan, " No. That can't be. They won't touch her!" He snarled.

Me, " I agree. We must protect Aly at all times. I will have 5 warriors with her when I'm not around. Jackson, Joe, Brady, Collin, and Carter you will be at Alyssa's side at all times is that understood? " They nodded.

Me, " The rest of you split into 5 different groups with 20 in each. You will each take turns patrolling all day everyday. Got it? Good. Dylan and Jacob you will be with me spying on the rogues. Dismissed."

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