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/// Alyssa's POV///

I woke up the next morning, it was so cold. I smelled pancakes, I ran down the stairs. Dylan was sitting on the couch watching tv, mom was cooking and dad was sitting on the chair. Mom served us our meal, we all ate hungrily.

Mom, " So any luck on the 'finding the mate' thing, Dylan?"

Dylan shook his head, " Nah."

Mom, " Well, I guess Alyssa beat you then!" She laughed. He glared at her.

Dad, " What? Who's her mate?" He lifted his head.

Me, " Alpha Sam."

Dad nodded approvingly, " Nice, the Alpha. Nice." He smiled.

Mom, " Anyway, your father and I need to go on a couple of errands, so Alyssa stay with your brother today."

Me, " Fine, but all he will do is just walk around looking for his mate. It looks desperate." I laughed.

Dylan, " Oh you will pay for that one." He glared at me.

Dylan drove to the pack house, there were about 25 of boys outside playing football. They all stared at us while he parked the car. One boy winked at me.

Boy, " Hey, yo, Dylan. Your little sister is hot!" The boy who winked at me said.

Another boy," Yeah, I think she is my mate." There was a low growl. Sam.

Sam growled, " Oh really. Then why is she my mate, so back off." He walked towards me pulling me into his chest.

Boy, " C'mon, Sam. Lighten up, we were just kidding."

Sam, " Then stop staring at her, Tim and Hunter! Then I'll lighten up"

Hunter, " Whatever." He snickered and went back to playing football.

We walked inside, there were mates together watching tv or werewolves just hanging out. Sam held my back against his chest. Dylan went into the fridge grabbed a piece of cake and completely smashed it in my face.

Me, " WHAT WAS THAT FOR!?" I shrieked.

Dylan laughed, " Payback for this morning." I went into the bathroom and washed my face. Sam came in laughing in the mirror.

Me, " Oh great, now my mate is laughing." I muttered.

Sam, " Ally, you look good in cake." He cooed, wrapping his arms around my waist tightly.

Me, " Gee thanks." I muttered. I walked out of the bathroom everybody was still cracking up, oh I know what I can do to get revenge! I scrolled through my pictures on my phone and found it where Dylan was dared to dress up as Hello Kitty for Halloween. I copied the picture and sent it to every single person in the pack, bam! Revenge is sweet!

Dylan face was priceless when he saw the picture on everyone's phone, his face was red.

Dylan, " Ally!" He roared stomping towards me, I immediately hid behind Sam who wouldn't let Dylan come near me.

Then we heard shouts outside the pack house, everyone froze. Wolves grabbed their mates, Sam grabbed me.

Sam, " Rogues." He whispered. " Hunter stay with Alyssa!" He ran out the door with all the other wolves, while Hunter walked towards me.

Hunter, " Well, hi. I'm Hunter." He smiled.

Me, " Where is Sam going?" I started to walk forward but he blocked my path.

Hunter, " Sorry, Alphas orders to keep you safe."

Me, " Fine." I grumbled and sat on the couch. We talked about many things mainly about Drew Snyder. It was hilarious what he called her. After about 15 minutes later the door slammed open. Hunter stepped in front of me growling at the door, but it was just Sam who came in with all the other wolves. Sam scanned around the room until his eyes met mine and relaxed. I stood up and hugged him fiercely, his head nuzzling my neck.

Me, " What happened?"

Sam, " Just some rogues who crossed our land and who are now dead." He whispered into my ear.

Dylan, " Eww, no P.D.A.!" He shouted.

Me, " Ugh, Dylan your so annoying."

Dylan, " Duh, sista."

Me, " When you find your mate, I'm going to feel really bad for her, having to deal with you." I murmured.

Dylan whipped his head, " What?"

Me, " Oh, nothing." I giggled.

We hung out at the pack house, talk and talk and mess around. Dylan and I had to leave.

Dylan got in the car, and was waiting. Sam put his hands on either side of my neck and kissed me. Our lips moved in sinic together.

Dylan, " NO KISSING EITHER!!" He yelled. I groaned and pulled away. Leaving the pack house with my super, extremely, annoying older brother who sang songs all the way home.

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