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/// Alyssa's POV///

~~~ 3 Months Later~~~

I woke up in Sam's strong arms, I used all my strength to sneak away from the bed but was quickly pulled closer. His face buried in the crook of my neck, like he was inhaling my scent.

Sam murmured, " Stay princess."

After an hour got up from the bed and I felt empty and cold.

Sam, " Aly, it's time to wake up!"

I groaned and covered my face with the pillow, " But I don't wanna."

Sam chuckled, " You annoy me sometimes."

Then it was silent. Suddenly, Sam jumped on the bed next to me, I screamed as I fell off. I got up to see Sam laughing so hard that he was holding his sides.

Me, " I'm glad you think this is funny." I stood up with my hands on my hips.

Sam laughed, " Oh it is baby." He grabbed my hands and made me lay on the bed. He rolled on top of me.

Me, " That hurt Sammy." I pouted putting my bottom lip down.

Sam snickered, " I'm sorry babe."

He took my bottom lip in his mouth. My hands wrapped around his neck, pulling him closer, he opened my legs. One hand was on my hip and the other wrapped my leg around his waist when the door burst open.

Sam jerked up, and a loud snarl escaped his chest. It was Dylan who was covering his eyes, " Ahh, my eyes! Eww!"

I groaned, " Ugh, Dylan."

Dylan just laughed, " What baby sis? It's gr-oss! Anyways, Sam we are having a pack meeting right now."

Sam nodded, " I'll he there in a second."

I moved from the bed and stretched.

Sam, " You will stay in the pack house right?" He asked protectively.

I sighed, " Sure Samuel." And he left to the meeting. I took a shower and put some sweats and one of his shirts on.

I skipped down the stairs, and poured a bowl of cereal. Piper came up to me all happy.

Piper, " Hi Aly!"

Me, " Hi Pipes!"

Piper, " You seem different!"

Me, " How?" Then I felt something stir in my stomach causing me to moan and double over.

Piper, " Are you ok?" She asked while helping me lift back up.

Me, " Yeah. I've been like this for weeks now."

Piper smirked, " Get in the car."

Me, " Where are we going? Sam will be worried..." Piper pointed to the door, I went out and she drove like a maniac to the doctors.

Piper shouted, " DOCTOR MARVIN! MS. LUNA NEEDS YOU!" Everyone stared at us like we were crazy.

Doctor Marvin came quickly, " Anything for the Luna. Come this way."

He led us to an empty room and told me to sit down on the bed.

Doctor Marvin, " So what's going on?" he had a clip board in his hand.

I told him how I've been feeling sick, throwing up and wanting to eat a lot. He gave me a pregnant test to use in the bathroom.

Doctor Marvin chuckled, " Well, Ms. Luna... you are positive. Your pregnant!"

Me, " WHAT?!" I shrieked.

Piper was jumping up and down, " YAY! IM GOING TO BE AN AUNT!"

I couldn't belive that I was pregnant! I was going to be a mom! I am so excited! Sam is going to be a father and I'm going to be a mom. I asked Mr. Marvin if how many and what gender they were, Doctor Marvin whispered it in my ear.

Piper raced home in her car, " I CANT BELIEVE IT! IM GOING TO BE AN AUNT!"

I laughed, " Not if you keep driving like that. You will kill the baby!"

We giggled all the way to the door, Dylan and Sam were pacing in the living room.

When they saw us they relaxed.

Dylan, " Where the hell have you guys been?" He held Piper close to him.

I stuttered, " We were... at the-- mall!" I didn't want to tell him just yet.

Piper, " Oh ya. We were shopping."


I was laying in our bed while Sam was taking a shower. My hands rested on my stomach, I was going to be a mom. What would we buy them? What colors do they like? Will they look like me or Sam?

Sam came out of the shower only with basketball shorts on, he smirked when he saw me staring at him.

Sam, " See anything you like princess?" He laid next to me, using his elbow for support facing me.

Me, " Na." I giggled. He bent down and pressed his lips lightly on mine. He grabbed my waist pulling me closer so that our chests were touching. My arms were bent in between our chests. It started to get really heated, I needed to tell him before he did some thing's.

Me, " Sammy... I need to tell... You something..." I tried speaking against his lips.

Sam, " Shh. Less talking more kissing." he smirked.

Me, " But it's important." I pouted.

Sam pulled away only to suck on my neck hard. I groaned because he was making this harder every time. I decided that I would just blurt it out.

Me, " I'm pregnant!" I blurted out.

Sam stopped sucking on my neck and looked at me with a shocked expression.

Sam, " What? Say it again, because I want to make sure that I'm not hearing things."

I said slowly, " I... Am... Pregnant."

Sam, " Are you serious?" his jaw dropped.

I looked down, " Look I know it's a little sudden. And we didn't plan it but..."

Sam, " No! IM SO HAPPY! YOUR PREGNANT!" He smiled kissing all over my face.

He rolled me so that I was on my back and was laying on his arm like a pillow. He rested his free hand on my tummy and rubbed it.

Sam smirked, " That's why your scent changed. You didn't smell like me anymore." I blushed.

Sam asked, " So how many babies and. What gender are they?"

I sighed, " Ok... they are..."

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