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/// Sam's POV///

I woke up to clutch nothing. I sat up, the bed was empty, Alyssa wasn't here. I ran through the halls frantically looking for her. I ran out the door, no one was here. I suddenly got tackled, my back on the ground. Alyssa was on top of me, laughing.

Me, " Baby, what was that for?" I wrapped my arms around her waist.

Alyssa, " Having some fun." She smirked.

I sat up still holding her on my lap. All the other wolves came and were laughing their butts off.

Hunter, " Awwwwww, did the big, tough Alpha get scared!?" He laughed.

Me, " Watch how you speak to your Alpha." I warned and he shut up.

We walked inside, Alyssa and Piper started cooking breakfast for us. They served pancakes, sausage, and eggs. They had to use everything because we wolves would eat it all up. Once they set all the food on the table we attacked it.

Alyssa, " Boys! Save some for us girls!" She scolded.

Dylan, " Nah. We're good." He strugged.

Me, " Yeah. Girls don't need as much energy as us boys. Because we have to protect you from your damage in the pack." I snickered, and high fives some boys.

Alyssa, " Oh really, you will need all the energy you can get because you will need it when you get your butt whooped." She said with her hands on her hips.

Boys, " OOO!"

Me, " Come on babe. Lighten up, your so tense. Have fun. Although, that might be hard for you!" I smirked and laughed.

Alyssa, " Alright, one order of an angry mate coming right up." She whipped her hair and walked back into the bathroom.

Boys, " OOOOO! AHHHH!" They looked at me. I stuck my tongue out and followed her into the kitchen. She was putting plates into the cub board.

Me, " Baby, I was just messing around." She was silent.

Me, " Aly, please. Talk to me. I'm sorry." I whispered in her ear grabbing her hips with my hands, her back was pressed against my chest.

Alyssa, " I know your sorry." She smirked. She turned around smiling, I bent down and pressed my lips on hers. Our lips moved in sync, her arms locked around my neck, mine around her waist. I placed my hands on her hips, lifting her up on the counter, her hands ran through my hair. Someone cleared their throat. I turned my head away from Aly, Dylan was standing there holding hands with Piper. Alyssa blushed.

Dylan, " Um, if you guys are done here, Piper wants to go shopping and she wants Aly to come with."

Alyssa, " Sure. I'll come." She hopped off from the counter.

Me, " I'll come too." I held Aly to me.


We arrived at the mall, Aly and Piper had us running around through stores and buying them things. I think we have been through all the stores in less than an hour.

Dylan, " Gosh, Piper, I thought Alyssa was bad. But you, your worse! You pick more expensive stuff than her." He joked. Piper dropped her head sadly. Dylan lifted her head with his hand. " I'm sorry baby. I was only kidding. Here let me buy you this dress to make it up for you." He bought a black dress for her.

Alyssa smirked, " Good, Piper. Your catching on." They fist pumped and started walking again.

Dylan, " Did-"

Me, " Yup."

Dylan, " She tricked-"

Me, " You."

Dylan, " Oh they are-"

Me, " Good." I finished and we walked after the girls.

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