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/// Alyssa's POV///

I was at the mall with my older brother, Dylan. He was the next beta wolf of the 'Sunset' pack, the Alpha was Sam Strike. I looked like Dylan, light brown hair and blue eyes. Ever since we have been having rivalries with the 'Rogue' Pack, all the wolves have been on edge. My dad was at a pack meeting and mom was just at home.

We would usually just hang out somewhere with or without the werewolves in the pack. Dylan wanted a mate, but he had no luck.

I'm shopping and I make him pay for everything that I want and he just groaned.

Dylan, " Alyssa, why do you make me pay for everything?" He whined.

Me, " Why do you whine about everything." I snickered.

Dylan, " Your going to make me go broke before I even get a mate so that she can make me but her stuff." He groaned.

I just ignored that comment, we walked out of the store and I saw him. I smelt the most amazing smell ever! I locked eyes with Sam Strike, the future alpha! He was my mate. His light brown hair swept across his face, his deep green eyes caught mine. I felt so happy!

He didn't stop staring at me and I couldn't stop. Until, Drew Snyder, the snobby cheer-leader who once had 13 boyfriends in one week, came up to Sam. She hooked her arm around his arm and batted her eye lashes. Her blonde hair in a ponytail, her hazel eyes staring intentionally at Sam.

Jealousy boiled inside of me, I wanted to rip her heart out for touching my mate. What's surprising was that he shook her off of him, she stormed away with her friends. Dylan saw who I was looking at and snickered.

Dylan whispered, " Well, since he is your mate, shall we go meet him." He pulled my arm, until we were right in front of Sam.

Dylan, " Sam this is my sister, Alyssa. Alyssa, this is Sam, the future alpha."

Sam growled, " Mine." He grabbed me by the waist away from Dylan, pulling me protectively into his rock chest.

Dylan laughed, " Yes. Alyssa is yours." He put his hands up in surrender. Dylan told me that alphas were very possessive and protective over their mates, I'm guessing that's why he put his hands up.

I looked into his eyes and saw his expression soften.

Me, " Hi." I giggled. He smiled.

Dylan, " Aww, man. That's so not fair. Alyssa gets a mate before I do!" He pouted.

Me, " And I've dated more people." I joked, but Dylan's eyes widened. I looked at Sam, his eyes black and full of hate, he snarled.

Me, " Just kidding. I haven't dated anyone." I rested my head on his shoulder to calm him, sheesh I got to watch what I say to him.

Sam, " Where are you guys going?" His grip tightening on me.

Dylan, " Well, she just wasted all my money on clothes, so now I'm broke... again. We were just going back home." He shrugged.

Sam, " Well your on patrol tonight, so you may get stated right now. I will take my Alyssa home." I shuttered when he said 'my Alyssa'.

Dylan, " Yes, Alpha. Good luck with Alyssa, she's a handful." He smirked, handing the bags to Sam.

Me, " Hey I'm not a handful!" I pouted as he left.

Sam, " So Alyssa, shall we?"


I hopped into Sam's car, he wrapped his arm around my shoulder bringing me close as I could possibly be. From time to time he would glance at me and smile, my heart would tingle every time. My wolf was surely happy to be with him, and I was glad that he didn't reject me. I wanted to know more about Drew and Sam, I wondered if they had a history.

Me, " Are you dating Drew?"

Sam laughed, " No why?"

Me, " Did you date her?" I asked.

Sam, " No, I would never ever date Drew Snyder. She has always liked me. Is my Alyssa jealous?" He asked.

Me, " What?! no I just wanted to know, that's all." I scoffed. He parked the car in front of my house, he opened the door and let me out. He grabbed my bags from the back seat and followed me to the front door. I opened it, Sam trailing behind me. Mom was cooking food, she turned around with a shocked expression.

Mom, " Alyssa, you didn't tell me that we were having the Alpha over." She scolded.

Me, " Sorry mom."

Mom, " Where's Dylan?"

Sam, " Oh, he is out patrolling." He stood close to me.

Mom squealed , " Looks like someone found their mate!"

Me, " Mom!" I scolded back at her.

She went back to her cooking, we walked up the stairs and into my room. He set my bags near my bed and wrapped his arms around me sending tingles throughout my body. My arms were folded against his chest, his face inches from mine. He repeated my name a couple of times.

Me, " How much do you like my name?" I giggled.

Sam, " Your name is beautiful, I could say it over and over." He leaned in pressing his lips softly against mine. It was a passionate kiss and my first kiss ever. He pulled away leaving me breathless.

Mom shouted, " Alyssa! Dinners ready!"

I walked down stairs blushing. There was mashed-potatoes with steak and green beans.

Mom, " Mr. Alpha, would you like some food?" She asked politely.

Sam, " No thank you Mrs. Shimmers, I have to go home now, but thank you."

Mom, " Anytime."

Sam kissed my cheek before going out the door.

Mom, " So you gotta boyfriend, now?" She giggled. I just rolled my eyes, ignoring the comment.

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