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/// Alyssa's POV///

I ended up staying for 2 weeks with Jackson. I guess Sam thought I wasn't there because he didn't see me walking around in the pack house. Jackson and I went on a date and I guess we're dating now. But I was planning to make Sam jealous and take me back but the more I hung out with Jackson the more I started to actually like him!

I stood outside waiting for Jackson to finish patrol duty. I knew that he did patrolling with Sam. Glimmer would be happy when ever we hung out with Jackson, sometimes she even forgot who Sam was until I had to remind her that he was our mate and that he rejected us.

I began tapping my foot on the ground impatiently, what's taking so long I thought. Then I saw about 20 wolves step out of the shadow. The leader was Sam and to his right was Jackson! Sam was talking to one of the wolves until he looked up at me. I could see his eyes twinkle with happiness of just seeing me there. I walked forward, I guess Sam thought I was going I him because he held his arms out for me. But I went past him and went into the arms of Jackson's.

Jackson's arms wrapped tightly around me while he kissed my cheek.

Sam growled, " What is this?"

Me, " Jackson and I are dating."

Sam, " What?!"

Me, " Ya. He convinced me to stay here, but with him."

Sam, " Is that why you came back? Just for him?" He asked painfully.

Me, " Ya." I pulled Jackson's hand and headed into the forest leaving Sam in shock. Ah, revenge is sweet!

Once we got deeper into the forest Jackson pulled me to him.

Jackson, " Hi baby." He chuckled.

Me, " Hi." I giggled. He bent his head to kiss me, his hands grabbing my waist tighter. While my hands held his broad shoulders.

Me, " What took y'all so long." I pouted.

Jackson snickered, " Sorry we caught a rogue sneaking into our land."

We raced to the edge of the forest a couple of times. I got sleepy and asked if he could carry me back to the house. He picked me up bridal style and walked back, my head resting on his shoulder.

He opened the door quietly, the only person that I saw through my mostly opened eyes was Sam. Sam sitting on the couch with his head in his hands like he was stressed. He looked up with his eyes full of pain but then turned to anger.

Sam, " What's wrong with her? Is she ok? Alyssa, baby, are you hurt." He walked up to me placing his hand on my arm.

Me, " I'm fine. I'm just tired that's all. I asked Jackson to carry me, and don't ever call me 'Baby'!" I stated.

I motioned Jackson to go forward and carry me to my room. He kissed me good night before closing the door shut. My eyes soon closed.


/// Sam's POV///

I just couldn't believe that I had just rejected the most amazing thing that ever happened to me! I hated myself for my actions toward Alyssa. I mind linked the pack to be on high alert for Alyssa. I decide to go search for her, at the cliff where she does most of her thinking. Only to find her and Jackson kissing! The pain hits me in the gut and heart, I could feel Ryder whimpering that our mate has chosen someone else.


I knew that Alyssa has been staying at the pack house still but I couldn't talk, look or even notice that she was there for 2 weeks. She didn't seem to mind, she went on dates with Jackson half the time.

It hit me when I saw her waiting outside impatiently. I hold my arms out , hoping that she will jump into them but she only strides past me leaping into Jackson's arms! God I wanted to kill him in the spot!

I couldn't wrap my head around her saying " Jackson and I are dating now."

It was late at night, Jackson and Alyssa still hadn't returned back from the forest yet. I didn't want her getting hurt

Out in the woods without me there.

Ryder, " If you really cared truly about her you wouldn't have even come close to rejecting her!" He sneered.

Me, " I did what I had to do. I knew that if I rejected her she would be safe and the rogue pack wouldn't be able to find her. She would be away from harm!"

Ryder, " Really? I didn't know that if you want to protect someone that you would reject them! You would've been better off protecting her when you didn't reject her because then she would've stayed by your side and would be safe because the rogues would never dare attack one of the strongest packs in the world." He grumbled.

Me, " Yes but if she stayed by my side, and when the rogues attack, she would help and be killed and I could never let that happen!"

Ryder, " Well would you rather see Alyssa dead at your feet or see her with another man?"

The door opened quietly, Jackson stood at the door way with Alyssa passed out in his arms. I rushed to her.

Me, " What's wrong with her? Is she ok? Alyssa, baby, are you hurt?"

Alyssa, " I'm fine. Don't ever call me 'Baby'."

That hit me in the spot, I couldn't believe she just did that.

Ryder, " YOU DESERVE IT, YA IDIOT!" He screamed.

I blocked Ryder out of my mind and just watched Alyssa rest her head back on Jackson's shoulder.


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