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/// Alyssa's POV///

I waved goodbye like it was the last time I would see Sam, Dylan, and the pack. Jackson was zooming through the forest, I could feel my memory fading around us. It took about 30 minutes to finally reach the mountain that Sam told us to go.

I don't know what's been going on lately with Sam, after the declaration of war, he's been edgy. I am always followed by 10 warriors. When he told me that he was sending me away I was heart broken, I thought he chose Drew over me.

But he really needed and wanted me to be safe. Something was going on and I didn't have enough time to investigate. When Sam made me chose who would protect me, my mind suddenly chose Jackson.

I mean it's weird. I like both of them. I liked Sam 100% but for Jackson it was 80%. I'm confused on who to chose, same with Glimmer. Her heart is telling her to chose Sam but her mind is telling her to chose Jackson.

I put the feelings and thoughts aside when we were at the entrance of a cave.

Jackson, " This is where Sam told me to take you." He said not meeting my eyes. I felt bad for what happened.

Me, " Look, Jackson. I'm sorry for--" I started but he cut me off.

Jackson, " Just forget it. It's in the past and I'm over it. Let's just keep you safe before Sam rips my head off if you get killed." He grumbled and walked I to the cave.

I walked behind him, he switched on the lanterns and placed them at every corner. We un packed our bags and ate dinner in silence.

I walked around looking at the carvings on the caves wall. I was suddenly pushed against the wall forcefully. Jackson had his hands tightly on my waist.

Me, " Whoa, um Jackson are you ok?"

Jackson, " Aly, I still like you. No I'm in love with you."

Me, " Ok. But, um, I thought u were--"

Jackson slammed his lips on mine. I tried tapping his shoulder because I was losing breath. Until someone cleared their throat.

Instead of seeing Sam, it was a woman. She was like a ghost, her skin was clear. She was very beautiful, with gold hair down to her waist. Icy blue eyes shining brightly, perfect makeup. She was dressed like a Queen or something. White dress, with gold and silver jewelry. It was weird because it felt like I was looking in a mirror.

Woman, " Well, this is surprising." Jackson's grip didn't loosen only tightened pulling me behind his back.

Jackson growled, " Get back!"

Woman, " Alyssa don't you have a mate? Sam?"

I stuttered, " Y-Yes. Sam is m-my mate. How--do you know me?"

Woman, " Why are you kissing Jackson when Sam is your mate?"

Me, " Well, yes Sam is my mate. But then he rejected me then Jackson became my boyfriend and then-- Wait why am I telling you this?"

Woman, " Because it's my business to know who I paired with. Its my decision."

Then it hit me. This so called lady was the Moon Goddess!

Me, " Your the Moon Goddess!" I shrieked.

The lady nodded, " Yes I am." Jackson and I fell to our knees bowing at her.

Lady, " It's fine. Get up. My real name is Annabelle. My darling you grew so much." She took steps forward but Jackson still growled.

Me, " Jackson, stand down." I ordered.

Annabelle chuckled, " I can see why Sam hid what the Rogues wanted up here." That confused me, rogues wanted me?

Me, " What? What are the Rogues after?"

Annabelle, " You. Sam didn't tell you?" I shook my head.

Annabelle, " I'm so sorry, honey. I thought he would tell you what happened to your parents. Now I can see why he didn't tell you when he knew what happened in your past and your secret..." she hugged me as her voice faltered.

Me, " Whoa wait. What happened in my past?"

Annabelle hesitated, " I can't relive it by telling you. It hurts too much--"

Me, " What hurts too much? What's my secret?"

Annabelle but her lip, " Your secret is..." She looked at Jackson who looked away with his hands in his pockets.

Me, " Please tell me... what happened to my parents?" I pleaded.

Annabelle, " They not your real parents."

Me, " What? No, your lying."

Annabelle, " I'm not lying, Jackson here knows who your real parents is. The ones you lived with wasn't them."

Me, " Then who was my real parents."

Annabelle, " Who are my real parents." She corrected me.

Me, " Who?"

Annabelle sighed, " I am your mom. Your my daughter, daughter of the moon goddess."

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