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/// Sam's POV///

We walked in pyramid, Daniel and I the very top our pack making up the base. The men that outlined of our pyramid carried guns with silver bullets ready to aim. It broke my heart to see Alyssa ride away with Jackson, if he made a move on her then I would kick his a$$ out of here.

Daniel chuckled, " You don't want to kill him just yet." He interrupted my thoughts.

Me, " Why not?"

Daniel, " I've seen the way Ms. Alyssa and Jackson act around each other. When you guys are together, she loves you like your the only one for her. But when Jackson and Alyssa are together it's like they are forced to interact."

Me, " Your saying that someone is forcing them to be together?"

Daniel laughed, " No, but there's a old story where an Alpha and a Luna were mates, but the Luna had feelings for the Beta. The Alpha tried to separate them but they still were seeing each other. Eventually, the Luna got pregnant with the Alphas kid, and it turns out that the kid was the Beta's mate. Alyssa is your mate and she loves you, but maybe the same thing will happen like the story."

Me, " Maybe." I thought about the story hopefully it wouldn't happen.


We reached the destination where we would have the war. It was a big meadow with no trees and short cut grass.

Warrior, " There!" He pointed his finger hundreds of yards before us.

Up ahead there was the Rogue Pack. As they came closer into the clearing there was more a little more than 700 men. We had over 4000 men ready, we easily out numbered them. To my left was the mountain that I sent Alyssa and Jackson.

They stopped a few yards away from us, their leader was a big man, super tall, spiky black hair and had scars and tattoos all over his body.

Leader, " Well, isn't this a pleasant surprise!" His voice boomed over the meadow.

Me, " Yes it is!" I said matching his voice.

Leader, " I'm Alpha Gunshot. I see you have another Alphas pack to help you! Is the other Alpha too scared to fight?!"

Daniel snarled, " I'm right here, you dumba$$." I had I hold him back from attacking.

Gunshot, " Are you calling the Alpha of the Rogue Pack a dumba$$?" He growled.

Daniel snapped, " Yeah. You got a problem with that?"

Gunshot, " Watch your self Alpha. Any way... where's the girl?!"

Me, " What girl?"

Gunshot, " Don't play with me Sam. Alyssa your mate! Where is she?!"

I snapped, " Your not getting her! Besides she isn't with us, she's somewhere safe."

Gunshot laughed, " Trust me, I'll find her." he said with a sly smile.

Me, " Yeah good luck with that!" I grumbled.

Gunshot, " Rogues! Formation!"

They formed into a line that stretched across the land. Gunshot walked to the back of his pack onto a rock and stood showing his strength. Daniel snapped his fingers and our warriors aimed their silver guns at the Rogues.

Gunshot, " It will be easier if you just hand her over, and this war won't happen."

I laughed, " I will never ever give her to you! I will not let you kill her like you did to her parents. I already made that mistake, I'm not making it again. And another thing, I can't let you torture her like you did in the past. So the answer is NO!" I shouted the last part at him.

Gunshot, " Too bad... GO!"

The Rogues ran forward still in line position. Daniel and I roared and we sprinted at them, all together in the form of a strong pyramid. The war started when one of my men fired their gun and the first Rogue fell dead.

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