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/// Alyssa's POV///

~~~ 4 Months Later~~~

I was sleeping peacefully next to Sam who cuddled next to me. I felt his warm bare chest pressed against my back. I was only in shorts and a bra. AWKWARD! I felt a sudden cool breeze come from the window, I shivered and snuggled closer to Sam who snickered.

Then someone whispered, " Alyssa."

I looked up but no one was there, so I just shrugged but the voice came back.

Voice, " Alyssa." I sat up this time but made sure I still made contact with Sam or he would get mad. I covered my self with the blanket in case it was a guy. Hey! I have a guy already!

Voice, " Over here." I turned my head to the left of the room and saw a guy.

I jumped in surprise, the guy had short cut dark brown hair and blue eyes like mine but only paler. He was wearing faded blue jeans and a white shirt. He looked like a ghost, pale and faded.

Guy, " Hi Alyssa." He reached to touch the side of my face but I leaned away.

I threatened, " If you try anything, one poke and he wakes up and kills you." I said scooting closer to Sam.

The dude smiled, " Ok I won't try anything. But I'm your brother."

I laughed quietly, " Yeah right."

Guy, " I'm Ace. Our mom, Annabelle, told you in the cave."

I freaked out, " ACE! YOUR MY BROTHER! OMG!" I pulled him into a hug.

Ace, " Oh Alyssa. I missed you so much!"

Me, " Me too! Although I was a baby so I couldn't remember you then."

Sam smirked, " Aly, who are you talking to?" Then he growled, " Who is it? I swear if there's a guy in here I will kill them!"

He started to stir in his sleep. I motioned for Ace to go hide in the bathroom. Sam sat up quickly pulling me to his lap his arms squeezing me to death.

Sam snarled, " Who ever you are I will kill you!" He started to move but I placed my hands on his chest.

Me, " Shh. Baby, it's ok. No ones here." I kissed his chest to calm him down.

Sam looked around, " Well who were you talking too?"

I giggled, " I talk to my self a lot..." I hope he bought it.

He started to take deep breaths as I ran kisses up and down his neck. He laid down while still holding me, he fell asleep fast. Ace tip toed out of the bathroom and smirked.

Ace, " Wow he is really protective over you, huh?"

I nodded, " Sometimes it scares me."

Ace, " Hey, I want to take you somewhere. So let's go... uh... maybe you should put a shirt on." And with that he jumped out if the window.

I carefully got up from the bed and put one of Sam's shirts on. It was too big but it was fine. I looked down from the window, he held his arms out to catch me.

I took a deep breath and jumped, my eyes closed shut. Aces strong arms caught me, I opened my eyes, he had a smile on his face. He raced in the forest, the cold wind made me shiver.

He finally stopped when we reached a tall mountain, he entered a cave. It was beautiful, jewels, rubies, everything. There was a throne at the back wall decorated with flowers and roses blooming.

Ace set me down and let me look around, " You like it?"

I nodded quickly, " Of course. It's beautiful! What is this place?"

Ace, " This is where you and I were born. And where the death happened."

I froze, " Death? Death of who?"

Ace, " Of mom. She died in this room bringing the cave down and from Gunshots men." he said sadly. I stopped walking around touching the rocks, grass, and flowers.

Me, " She died in this place?"

Ace nodded, " She gave up her self to bring down this place. She also created a curse."

I laughed, " A curse? Are you sure?!"

Ace got serious, " Yes. I'm serious."

He pressed his pointer fingers on the other side of my temples and my mind went blank. Instead of darkness and image popped into my mind, like a flashback.


I saw a woman standing with a staff that glowed with blue light and her eyes too glowed but gold light. There was a tall, buff man with a mustache and spiky black hair. Gunshot.

Gunshot, " You will lose, and we will win." He snarled.

Mom (Annabelle), " Your right, I will lose. But I can destroy you."

Gunshot laughed, " How? Your son and daughter are being chased by my son who will kill them. I will kill you, take your power, and take over the world. You will fall either way."

Mom smiled with a sly, " Your right, Gunshot. I will fall, but not my daughter. She is destined to destroy you, every time you bring her down she only grows stronger. That's why I leave this curse. 'Gunshot may kill me, but he will never have the power to kill my daughter. Even if you tell your son to hurt her, she will grow. You will die either way. You kill what's important to me, I kill what's important to you'!"

The walls started to crumble down, Gunshot was going to strike at mom but was stopped by a scream. Gunshot looked over and saw a pretty woman, I think Sam's mom, she screamed as rocks came crashing down on her.

Gunshot shouted, " ALLISON!" He rushed to her but he was too late. The cave came crashing down.

The image changed when gunshot was outside the cave with Sam's mom dead in his arms.

Gunshot, " I'm sorry Allison." Then he shouted to the sky, " ANNABELLE! I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE! YOU WILL SEE FOR YOU HAVE KILLED HER!" After that he went back to sobbing.


I stared at Ace who pulled his hands away. Why would he show me that image?

Ace, " Now do you see?" I nodded. The sun started to shine brightly, " You better go, your mate will go crazy." he smirked.

Ace smiled, " Say hi to your kids for me." He kissed my forehead and I fell into a deep sleep. I woke up in the bed with Sam, like nothing happened. Sam rolled me on my back.

Sam, " Good morning babe." He kissed all over my face. His hand rubbed my tummy, " How as my other babies?"

I giggled, " They are good." He got up from the bed and picked up a black box and walked back over to me. I sat up and the side if the bed confused.

Sam, " Alyssa Elizabeth Shimmers... Will you marry me?" He opened the box and it was a beautiful ring, diamonds shaped into two wolves howling together.

I gasped, " Yes!"

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