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/// Sam's POV///

I punched the punching bag that was hanging from the ceiling. I punched it one last time and sand poured out of it. I unhooked it and placed it with the others and got a new one. Again.

I went to the weight section, I laid on the matt and started lifting the iron bar up and down. Ever since the attack, I have been working out more. I had to make sure that I was fit and ready for the war coming up, they didn't say when but I could feel like it was coming soon.

I went back to punching the bean bag again. I growled every time I hit it, I imagined the leader of the Rogue Packs face and kept on punching him. I wanted him dead, dead for attacking my pack, and dead for hunting my Alyssa.

Voice, " Sammy, what are you doing up so early?" Someone complained. Alyssa stood at the door way, her eyes almost closed like she was sleep walking.

I snickered, " I'm working out baby."

Aly, " Your already buff as it is." She smiled and walked over to me.

I started punching the bag again, Alyssa sighed.

Aly, " Is this what it's going to be like?" She stood with her hands on her hips.

Me, " Whats going to be like this?" I asked still punching.

Aly, " You getting up so early and me not getting my beauty rest." She grumbled.

I laughed, " Yes, it's going to be like this."

I punched it and it flew off the chain and fell with a thud. I reached to get another one but Aly stopped my hand.

Aly, " Oh no. I have had enough of this noise, it's been like forever."

Me, " Actually it's only been 15 minutes." I smirked.

Alyssa, " Whatever. Go take a shower." She ordered and walked to the door.

I walked behind her and grabbed her hips tightly, " Will you join me?" I cooed.

Alyssa laughed, " Haha your funny. No." she walked away swaying her hips side to side.

I took a shower and put on some shorts and a shirt that was ripped at the sleeves. I walked in the kitchen, Alyssa was cooking. She turned around as I my shirt hung over my shoulder. She just stared at my abs.

I snickered, " See anything you like baby?" I held my arms out.

Alyssa giggled, " Nope. Go eat." She handed me my plate and motioned me to go.

We are outside in the front to keep watch, we talked about the war.

Hunter, " Ok. They are going to attack soon." He said worriedly.

Me, " I know. But I just wish I'd know when."

Alyssa, " Hi boys!" She came and sat on my lap, I wrapped my arm around her waist.

Hunter, " Hi Aly." He smiled.

I grumbled, " Don't call her that."

We continued talking not about the pack war though.

Tim, " Wait, do you hear that?"

Dylan, " Hear what?"

Then we heard a tree branch snap. We looked up in the woods there was no one there. Then I saw a figure move from the shadows and came out onto the sunlight.

Then more figures came, until there was about 150 in total.


We stood up, I pushed Alyssa behind me protectively. My pack came from the pack house, we out numbered them by a lot. I had over 900 wolves ready to take them down. The guy in the middle stepped forward.

Guy, " Listen, Alpha. We mean you know harm... we just need to take your mate. If you say no, there will be consequences."

I growled, " You won't touch her! I will never ever give her to you!! This that understood!?"

Guy, " Sorry Alpha... but she's coming with us." He looked at his followers behind him and had a sly smile.

They started to running toward us all together, the middle guy leading the way. I roared signaling that we were going to fight, I sprinted to the rogues my pack at my heels, we all phased together. My first priority was to take down the middle guy, then help my pack with the rest.

We were now a few feet away from them, when we reached 3 feet I lunged at the leader letting the battle begin.

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