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/// Alyssa's POV///

It turns out that Sam wasn't snarling at us he was snarling at his phone. He would scrunch his nose and say something, scrunch and talk. I let go of Jackson's hands and walked over to Sam, he wrapped his arm protectively around my waist.

I watched sadly as Jackson walked away glaring at Sam who didn't seem to notice.

Sam, " What do you mean they are coming?!" He growled into the phone, squeezing me closer I winced.

I couldn't quite clear hear what the other person was saying but I think he's an Alpha because he had the same power in his voice.

Other Alpha, " My men over heard them at their camp site, they are coming at approximately 3 days." he responded.

Sam, " How many men do they have?" He snapped.

Other Alpha, " 'Bout 600 men preparing to attack." He said flatly.

Sam, " Ok..." He wondered off.

Other Alpha, " My pack will stand by your side, after all the help your pack has been. We will stand with you, Alpha Samuel." He promised.

Sam, " Thank you Alpha Daniel."

And the line was cut.

Me, " What's wrong baby?"

Sam smirked, " I think you know, you just heard almost everything." Sam moved to sit on the bench.

I pouted, " Please baby tell me!"

Sam sighed, " Fine. Alpha Daniel is willing to help us fight the Rogue Pack. He is coming for a meeting later today to discuss our strategy."

Me, " Oh."

He held his arms out for me to sit on his lap. I sat side ways, placed my head on his chest, his arms holding me.


I felt Sam's grip tighten on me, I looked up from my nap and looked at him. He was staring hard into the woods looking for something. I turned my head and saw a whole pack probably around 700 wolves coming to us. Sam stood up and put his arm out in front of me not allowing me to walk ahead of him.

The men came to us and the leader stepped out. I think it was Alpha Daniel.

Alpha Daniel, " Alpha Sam. Pleasure to meet you."

They shook hands. He was a tall man with black hair and brown eyes. Behind him was a girl about 15 with coconut hair and hazel eyes, hiding behind his shoulder. I'm guessing that was his mate.

Sam, " Pleased to see you too. Shall we start the meeting?"

Alpha Daniel, " Yes. This is our Luna. My mate Charleen ."

Sam, " Nice to meet you Ms. Charleen. As well this is my mate, Alyssa."

Alpha Daniel, " Ms. Alyssa." He said to me.

Sam, " Shall we?" We walked inside, the packs left into the war room to discuss the Rogues.

I sat on the couch with Charleen.

Me, " So... Um hi."

Charleen, " Hi." She was so quiet.

Me, " So, how are you doing?"

Charleen, " Well I've been better. Not that Danny cares." She grumbled.

Me, " Danny? Oh you mean Alpha Daniel."

Charleen, " Yeah. I hate him."

Me, " Why?"

Charleen sniffled, " I caught Danny making out with another girl..."

Me, " I'm so sorry to hear that--"

Charleen, " Then he lied to my face about it." She cried.

Me, " Who was the girl?"

Charleen was about to speak when someone burst through the door. Drew. She looked at us with disgust.

Drew, " Ugh, it's Alyssa." She sneered.

Me, " What are you doing here Drew?!"

Drew, " Uh duh I'm a member of this pack. Stupid."

Me, " Well we're busy so if you could leave that would be great maybe go back to your circus life as a clown."

Drew, " Whatever-- Hey it's Charleen!" She had a sly smile.

Charleen looked up with her eyes wide open.

Charleen, " You! You were the girl!!"

Me, " Wait she was the girl for what?" I asked confused.

Drew smiled, " Yeah. I was the girl who was making out with Alpha Danny."

Charleen, " Hey! Only I can call him Danny!" Tears poured from her eyes.

Drew, " No I can. And B.T.DUBS. Alpha Danny is a great kisser. Ya know, he told me that, one night, we should hook up." Charleen cried more.

Charleen, " Did you ever hook up?" She asked between sobs.

Drew licked her lips, " Oh ya. We did."

Then out of the blue Charleen sprang up and flatly punched Drew in the face! She stumbled backwards into the table nocking it down.

Charleen, " Danny's mine! You slut!!" She screamed.

She changed into her brown wolf form, snatched Drew's wolf like a rag doll and threw her out the door. They started going at it outside, I ran out and saw that Drew was losing the fight.

Drew laid on the ground breathing heavily. Charleen went behind a tree changed back into her human form and glared deathly at Drew.

Drew did a evil laugh, " You guys think your so tough. Charleen your just another girl that Danny won't truly love you enough to make you his. He does that to every girl. And Alyssa, Sam didn't want you as his mate. He never did! Why do you think he rejected you, because he didn't want you! He wanted m--"

Before she could finish I lunged at her and plunged my teeth into her shoulder. She cried in pain, and in more pain when Charleen bit her flank. Drew tried snapping at us but her teeth never came close.

Then we heard someone shout, " WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE!" We turned around to find Sam and Daniel with shocked expressions looking at us, our teeth filled with Drew's blood.

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