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/// Alyssa's POV///

I haven't talked to either Sam or Jackson. It's been a week already, I messed up pretty bad. My mind and my wolf were telling me to go to Sam he is your mate, but my heart was telling me to go to Jackson.

Glimmer, " Go to Sam. He loves you and you know that you love him too." She pleaded.

Me, " I know I know but something else is telling me to go to Jackson. Don't you feel it?" I asked.

Glimmer, " Yes. I want to go to both." She said.

Me, " Well, maybe I should go to Jackson..." Glimmer cut me off.

Glimmer, " No! Go to Sam! Look I know he rejected you but he had a very good reason. Please just go to him and ask him why he rejected you. It's not what you think. Please! Give him another chance to explain himself." She pleaded.

Me, " Ok." I sighed.

I walked around the pack house looking for Sam. I knocked on his bedroom door, no answer. I opened it.

Me, " Hey Sam. Are you in here? I wanted to talk to you about---" I stopped because right in front of me was Sam.

Sam was in a heated make out session with Drew Snyder! She was on his lap her hands holding his neck, his hands held her hips in place. Sam jerked his head away looking at me, his eyes full of pain. I felt the pain hit me in the gut, I came to talk about giving him a second chance but he is already making out with the slut!

I raced out of there, I could feel him chase after me calling my name.


I ran out into the forest, Sam caught my arm jerking me to face him.

Me, " Let go!" I squirmed.

Sam, " Alyssa, baby. Let me explain."

Me, " There's nothing to explain."

Sam, " Yes there is!"

Me, " No there's not! I tried to talk to you about us, about giving you a second chance but you just throw it away. Did you reject me for Drew?! Huh? Was I not good enough?"

Sam, " No. I didn't reject you because of that..."

Me, " Then why were you making out with Drew?"

Sam, " She came onto me."

I scoffed, " Don't make up excuses Samuel. You were kissing her back and you know it!"

Sam, " No I wasn't. Ok, maybe a little but that was because I couldn't stand you being with another man! You were all happy with Jackson, I lost you to him because I was an idiot. I thought if I make you jealous you would come back to me, but I didn't expect you to be hurt."

Me, " You didn't think that I wouldn't be hurt!? Of course I'm going to be hurt! I came and tried to talk about us but now there isn't any left."

Sam, " Alyssa. Please. Let me explain why I--"

Me, " Sorry Samuel. Since you absolutely love Drew so much why don't you just sleep with her! Get it over with! Make her yours! While I'm Jackson's!"

Sam growled, " No! Your not going to be his!! Not ever again!"

He slammed his mouth on mine, I shoved away but it was like shoving a wall. I have in wrapping my arms around hit neck, his hands grabbed my hips firmly. He pressed me against the tree, his tongue gliding against my lower lip, I opened it while his tongue swirled in. He grabbed the back of my thighs lifting them around his waist. I moved one hand down to grip his strong muscles on his arm. We pulled away breathlessly.

Sam, " I have been waiting to do that forever baby." He chuckled.

Me, " So what now?"

Sam, " Your mine. And only mine. Forever. Always." He snarled.

I giggled, " Forever and Always."

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