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/// Sam's POV///

I grabbed a backpack, stuffed some of Alyssa's clothes inside. Then I hurried down to the kitchen stuffed some food inside when I heard a voice.

Voice, " Sammy? What are you doing?" She entered the kitchen with a confused expression on her face.

I stuttered, " Oh... uh... packing your things--"

Alyssa, " Why?"

Me, " Um..." I didn't know if I should tell her or not.

Alyssa came closer and wrapped her arms around my waist and rested her head on my chest.

Alyssa, " Tell me Sammy." I couldn't deny to the baby name she calls me.

I lifted her on the counter, " I'm sending you away."

Alyssa's eyes widened, " Why?"

I sighed, " The Rogues are going to attack, and I figured that you would be safer far away and not so close."

Alyssa, " Oh. Ok, then if that's what you think. When do I leave?"

Me, " Now."

Alyssa, " Ok."

We walked out side, all the wolves were saying their goodbyes to Alyssa. Alyssa hugged Dylan tightly, it made me jealous even though she was just hugging her brother.

Me, " Ok. I need one volunteer to go and keep Ms. Luna safe." All the wolves raised their hands, they were protective of their Luna like their mates.

Alyssa, " I want Jackson to come with me."

Jackson came out of the crowd with a smile.

I growled, " No! Jackson stays here!

Alyssa, " No. I want Jackson to come with me. I will feel safer with him." She stated meeting my eyes.

I hesitated, was it possible that she still had feelings for him? Is that why she didn't choose the other warriors? So that they could catch up on their relationship? Man I just want to rip his head off and make her choose someone else who had a mate, so they wouldn't hit on her.

I snarled, " Fine. Jackson you will carry her on your back in your wolf form. You will take her to the top of that mountain, and guard her."

Jackson nodded an phased into his wolf form. I have Alyssa one more hug, and kissed her forehead. She climbed on his back.

Me, " Go Jackson."

I ordered, and he sped off into the forest fast as lightning. Alyssa looked back with tears in her eyes, and waved goodbye like it was the last time we would see each other.

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