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/// Sam's POV///

I lunged for his neck, I quickly caught it in my teeth and snapped it. The wolf fell dead at my feet, I turned to see a dark brown wolf followed by my pack.

Dylan, " Alpha. They are all dead." The dark brown wolf said.

Me, " Good. Man they have been everywhere." I growled while looking down at the dead wolfs eyes.

Dylan, " Yes Alpha."

Me, " Ok. Everyone take a 30 minute break, go to the pack house spend some time with your mate and half of you go on patrol." I ordered.

All, " Yes Alpha." they said in unison.


I went through the front door screaming Alyssa's name. No response. What if they got her? I will kill them.

Then someone came down the stairs. Alyssa. I immediately ran to her, wrapping my arms around her, she whimpered.

Alyssa, " Sam. What's wrong?" She asked.

Me, " Nothing. I just thought that the rogues took you." I said nuzzling her neck.

Alyssa, " Oh. They couldn't come near here. How many came?"

Me, " 30. More each time, more attack." I snarled.

Alyssa sighed, " Well, your here now and that's all that matters. And I'm ok." She said rubbing her hand on my arm.

Me, " I just wish that they would stop attacking so that you can be safe."

Alyssa, " Huh?"


I haven't told her that they were coming after her or she would leave.

Me, " Nothing baby. I just want to spend more time with you." I hope she bought it.

Alyssa, " Ok..." She trailed off. " How 'bout a movie?"

Me, " A movie? Sure. Which movie?" I kissed her cheek.

Alyssa, " We could watch... Captain America- The Winter Soldier!" She squealed.

Me, " Ok baby."


I waited in the car, I was dressed in navy jeans, white shirt, and a jet black jacket. The door opened reviling a very beautiful Alyssa. She was in a very tight red sparkling dress with spaghetti straps, and black boots.

Me, " Wow Aly, you look gorgeous." I said while she sat in the passenger seat. " You don't think that's a little to tight, I don't want boys looking at you in that."

Aly giggled, " I like it and I wore it for you. You don't look that bad your self."

She leaned over and kissed my cheek.

We drove to the movie theaters, I was getting the drinks and pop corn and Alyssa was waiting in line. I got back only to find a man pushing her against a wall while she tried to shove him away.

That man was going to be killed if he touched my mate, and since he is touching he won't have time to plan his funeral.

I stormed over to her, placing my self in front of her finally shoving off the man. There was something off about him, his scent was weird.

Man, " Hey Alpha, trying to be all tough." He laughed. I thought of one word.


I gave the things to Alyssa, grabbed the guy by the neck before hauling him out of the movies. We made until we were in the woods, I soon had him in a head lock and twisted his neck. He dropped to the floor...dead.

I walked back inside the theater. I found Aly waiting for me at the door of the movie room. I walked to her grabbing the things and opened the door.

We sat at the very top and talked until the movie started.

Alyssa, " Sam, who was that man?"

Me, " A rogue." I stated flatly.

Alyssa, " Did you kill him?"

Me, " Yes. I will kill any man if they touch you or even look at you." I snarled.

Alyssa, " Your so cute when your mad. I just wish the rogues would leave us alone. I mean if they were after something or someone then maybe they could send that person far away to be safe. Kill those rogues and bring them back. But I'm glad that you won't do that."

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