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/// Alyssa's POV///

I opened my eyes to find me floating in the sky. I looked around, there were people, animals, houses everything here and they were covered in GOLD! How pretty is that?! I walked on the gold road, everybody didn't notice that I was there they just went on with their lives.

I walked into a small building, there was a desk, chairs, computers, photos on the walls. The chair behind the desk turned around revealing a woman with a clip board. She was pretty with black hair and hazel eyes, she stared at me through her reading glasses. Her name tag read Taylor.

Me, " Uh, hi." I said nervously.

Taylor, " Hmm." She stood up and walked around me several times, observing and writing things down in her clip board.

Me, " Um... What are you doing?" I asked.

Taylor, " Observing you. Don't you know who I am?" She huffed.

Me, " Uh, your Taylor. It says on your name tag." I guessed.

Taylor grumbled, " Man! No one seems to know who I am! God! You destroy five packs and no one knows you! Well, I am Taylor, Goddess of Death."

Me, " I don't think there's a 'Goddess of Death'."

Taylor, " Fine! It was worth a shot, I'm in charge of people who die and wether or not they need to live."

Me, " Ok... where am I?"

Taylor, " Your in Heaven. Your the moon goddesses daughter aren't you."

Me, " Yes. How can I get back to earth."

Taylor snickered, " You think that I'm just going to let you come alive again because you sacrificed your self to help your pack defeat Gunshot. And give you special treatment when your the daughter of the Moon Goddess?"

Me, " Uh... yes?" I hoped.

Taylor squealed, " Your right! Plus it wasn't your time to die, honey. Good luck! Here eat this!" She handed me a cookie that had a pink flower on it.

Me, " Uh cookie?" I almost laughed.

Taylor, " EAT IT!" She growled.

I chewed the cookie, it was good but nothing was happening. Then, my vision started to blur, everything was fading and I fell to the floor. Taylor waved goodbye and me eyes closed.


/// Sam's POV///

Her words cut through my heart, like stones creating ripples in a pond. She hated me. She will always hate me for what I've done to her, betraying her, lying to her. I hated my self too.

I never really was planning to kill her, she jut found out at the wrong time and it costed her, she's dead. Her eyes closed, and her body went lifeless. And it was all because of me. I killed her.

I kissed her forehead and whispered, " I love you."

I held her bridal style, the hole in her chest was red. Blood was all over her clothes. I wanted to kill myself because Alyssa was gone. Ryder whimpered in pain, I felt like my heart exploded into pieces and can never be out back together. Dylan came over with an angry expression.

Dylan, " WHAT THE HELL?! ALYSSA!" He cried. " IS SHE DEAD?!"

I nodded weakly, Dylan roared in frustration and pain, he punched a tree and it fell down. He fell to his knees and cried, Piper put her hands on his shoulders trying to calm him down.

Joe, " Alpha. We found this trying to escape." He snarled. Joe and Jacob were holding Drew who struggled to be free.

Drew, " Hey! I'm not ' This'! You take that back mister!" She growled.

Dylan got up and slapped Drew in the face, " YOU BITCH! YOU KILLED ALY DIDNT YOU! YOUR SICK!" He shouted in her face.


Charleen screamed, " DONT CALL HIM DANNY OR BABY!" She ran up to Drew and punched her in the face an stomach. Alpha Daniel had to grab Charleen by the waist and pull her away from doing anymore damage.

Daniel, " No Drew! This is your fault!" He said holding Charleen to his chest.

Drew sneered, " I'm so glad that I killed Alyssa. She wasn't even worth it! She wouldn't make a good Luna for this pack. Luckily, I WOULD!"

That's it! I've about had it with Drew and ruining relationships with mates, including mine! She was the cause of Alyssa death, so she deserved to die.

I gave Alyssa's lifeless body to Dylan, I used werewolf speed to Drew. I grabbed her by the neck, lifting her off the ground. She tried to pry my fingers off of her neck, she choked and coughed, I was choking her.

She screamed and kicked but it was useless, I could feel my eyes turn black with rage. As I gave her neck one final squeeze, I slammed her against the tree and her eyes rolled back into her head with a loud snap. SNAP!

I let go and let her body fall to the floor. The pack was silent for a few minutes.

Charleen, " Finally." She huffed. Daniel snickered and kissed her cheek.

Dylan handed Alyssa back to me, we raced to the pack doctors hopefully they can bring back Alyssa.

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