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/// Sam's POV///

I lunged for the leaders neck but he ducked and I ended up catching his back in my teeth. I bit down harder as he wailed around in pain running in circles trying to shake me off. My claws dug into his sides until I was yanked off by a rogue. The rogue bit my leg but I snapped his head and he fell dead.

I searched to find the leader but I couldn't find him in the battle. I killed about 15 wolves, and helped my pack. There was a wolf who attacked me from behind and another who snapped at my back. I howled in anger and fought one wolf as the other was killed by Tim.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see Alyssa running toward the pack house while a group of female wolves ran to her in their wolf forms trying to protect her. But the female wolves were soon tackled to the ground leaving Alyssa a free target and unable to defend her self.

I was about to run to the female wolves when there were 3 wolves stalking Alyssa, I raced over and distracted them by grabbing their hind legs and dragging them away while they snapped their teeth. Unfortunately, one of the wolves kicked me in the nose and bit my flank while the other two held me down.

Then they soon fell dead, and standing over me was Dylan and Hunter, then I heard a high pitch scream. I whipped around to see Alyssa being dragged away by the leader! I could see her trying to change into her wolf form but she would change back into her human form.

I ran to her but got knocked off my feet by 3 rogues. They crashed into me, quickly biting me everywhere. Through the legs I could see Alyssa fighting to be free. I jumped free leaving them to kill their selves and walked forward but stopped in my tracks.

The leader and Alyssa were both in their human forms, the leader held her to his chest, his arm wrapped around her neck and a knife pointing at her.

Leader, " Alpha... I don't mean any harm. Do what I say and she won't get hurt. Phase into your human form." He warned.

I phased quickly.

Leader, " Now, don't take a step forward and put your hands in the air." He ordered.

I did as he said but I just glared at him.

Leader, " Now... don't move a muscle or I will run this through her." He said moving the knife up and down. " We are going to back up and you stay put."

As he moved closer to the forest I growled every time. I wanted to rip his heart out and feed it to the squirrels.

Me, " Where are you going with her?" I snarled.

Leader, " I am taking her to my master. She will be good use to him. And he wants her alive." He smiled.

The trees rustled due to the wind, the leader looked through the forest. It looked like he was talking to the trees because he nodded after they stopped rustling.

Leader, " Sorry Alpha change of plans, my master doesn't need her as I though."

And then with that he ran the knife through her stomach, she screamed in pain. He let her drop to the ground, her fragile body lying helplessly while the knife stuck in her. I roared/shouted and pounced on him.

As I was I the air I phased into my black wolf and landed on top of him. I grabbed his neck in my jaw while he was still in human form. I tugged while he tried to push me off but my claws dug in him down to the bone. I finally heard a snap when I yanked his head off of his body causing him to be headless.

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